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Friday, June 5, 2015

DRIVERS: USE EXTRA CAUTION Saturday Morning Between Galeton & Coudersport

ALERT..... To all motorists traveling Sr 6 from Galeton to Coudersport tomorrow morning..(5am-done)
The 41st Gods Country Marathon(26.2 miles) will be taking place, starting in Galeton and ending in Cdspt at the courthouse. 

Runners will be along the highway, and we ask if your setting up refresh/hydration stands ....PLEASE Place these in safe, visible locations..
Our officers will be patrolling and watching for distracted driving / other violations to make this yet another safe and successful marathon.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

WHY oh WHY would a marathon be scheduled on the same day as graduation??? Marathon and graduation on the same day is dangerous and a conflict for some. I am of the opinion that these two should take place on separate weekends. Not only would it be SAFER for all concerned but would also bring in others from outside the area on two separate weekends, which would be beneficial to the local economy...Just my opinion...