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Friday, June 26, 2015

One Of Escapees Shot To Death Near Canadian Border

9m9 minutes ago
Two police sources say David Sweat is alive and engaging in gun battle with police, near Lake Titus says Geoff Reddick of

5m5 minutes ago
Unconfirmed reports that police exchanged gunfire with David Sweat after Richard Matt had been shot.

55s55 seconds ago
David Sweat has not been apprehended as of 7:26 p.m. Richard Matt was shot dead this afternoon. Search near Humbug Mt.

Live TV Coverage From Malone, NY 

23s24 seconds ago
Despite the action, had lights brought in earlier, set up now in case Sweat is not caught

1m1 minute ago
Cathy Harwood lives close to primary search area for Sweat. "There are many, many helicopters going overhead," she said.

3m3 minutes ago
David Sweat has not been shot or capture as of 7:50 p.m. No gun battle underway...just a rumor.

43s43 seconds ago
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has arrived; to speak about developments in prisoner escape case. Watch live here:

3m3 minutes ago
Shooting investigation is ongoing. Matt told to put up hands and was shot when he didn't comply. No shots fired by Matt.

11m11 minutes ago
The 8:30 press conference was nice. Applause, relief one caught. 45 minutes later, Sweat is out there and it's dark


Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness, Get him boys!

Anonymous said...

Once again NY fails to get its man!!!! Way to go federal border patrol!!! Remember when bucky Phillips was on the run in NY?! They had a hell of a time! He crossed into PA and WHAM!! Busted by PA!! NY law enforcement officials are jokes!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of prison system do they have up there that 2 convicted killers can just escape so easily?With the accounts as to how the guards were associated with these guys,that whole place should be restaffed,and everyone there now should be fired!