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Thursday, July 23, 2015

“A Proactive Approach to Protecting Local Water Resources”

Pictured (far left) District Chairman Earl Brown accepting the donation from Jeff Long, Vice President of Land and Construction, JKLM Energy, LLC. Also pictured (far right) is Jason Childs, Watershed/Nutrient Management Technician, Potter County Conservation District.

For those who call Potter County home; the abundance of cold, clear, and clean freshwater streams is something that is very important. It’s almost a trademark for our area. The only triple divide or place where three watersheds originate, east of the Mississippi River is located here. Visitors are offered countless recreational opportunities. Fisherman, farmers, residents, camp owners, and others enjoy and utilize the numerous pristine headwater streams found throughout the county. They are vital to the livelihood of all who use them. They are even more important for the organisms that live in and depend on them.

This being said, these same groups of people value the importance of monitoring our resources in order to maintain this high level of water quality. Another conscientious effort to preserve and protect this resource is being made by JKLM Energy, LLC. At the July 7th, 2015 Potter County Conservation District Board Meeting, JKLM Energy, LLC made a donation to purchase in-stream continuous monitoring devices, called data loggers to keep an eye on surface water resources in and around the proximity of the exploratory Utica Gas wells being constructed in Potter County. JKLM has been proactive in their efforts to open lines of communication with local organizations and has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental stewardship here in Potter County thus far.

These continuous monitoring devices, or data loggers, take measurements of conductivity, temperature, and flow level every 15 minutes around the clock. This data is important in establishing a good baseline for stream water quality characteristics, and will show if and when a pollution event was to occur. Jason Childs, Watershed/Nutrient Management Technician for the Potter County Conservation District will take the lead on installing these devices with the help of local watershed associations, God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited, volunteers, and other stakeholder groups.

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