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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Capitol Update By Rep. Martin Causer

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Capitol Update
Thursday, July 02, 2015 The latest news from the State Capitol

Governor’s Veto of No-Tax-Hike Budget Irresponsible, Disappointing

Recognizing our taxpayers are taxed enough already, the House and Senate developed a state budget that increases funding for education and supports the core functions of government without placing a heavier burden on our citizens.

Last night, just a few hours after we sent this responsible, $30.18 billion plan to the governor’s desk, he called a press conference to announce he would veto the entire plan.

The governor’s actions are certainly disappointing, but I also believe they are irresponsible because they could lead to human service agencies not being paid and, ultimately, a full shutdown of state government.

Ours is the kind of budget Pennsylvanians need…one that will allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money rather than sending billions more of it to Harrisburg through increased sales and income taxes, as the governor had proposed.

We must now return to the negotiating table. I remain committed to a budget that respects the taxpayer and keeps our Commonwealth on the path of fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Bill to Force DEP to Follow the Law

Working to ensure the future of the conventional oil and gas industry, I helped lead debate in the House this week in support of language that requires the Department of Environmental Protection to prepare SEPARATE regulations for the conventional and unconventional drilling industries. We actually adopted this requirement last year, but DEP has basically ignored the law. So we are back again to make sure this bureaucratic agency follows the direction of elected lawmakers. The measure is part of Senate Bill 655, which is awaiting consideration by the governor.

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A Liquor System Fit for the 21st Century

Legislation which would gradually shut down the old state liquor store system and replace it with more modern, privately owned wine and spirit system was approved by the General Assembly this week.

House Bill 466 includes a series of reforms for beer, liquor and wine sales across the Commonwealth. The bill allows beer distributors to expand their businesses to sell liquor and wine and authorizes private wine wholesalers to sell products to Commonwealth customers. It would also allow for the sale of wine in grocery stores.

Finally, the bill eliminates the conflict of interest created by a government being charged both with marketing and selling alcohol, as well as controlling it and enforcing state liquor laws.

Pennsylvania’s current liquor system was created more than 80 years ago, following the repeal of Prohibition. The Commonwealth is one of only two states to have a complete monopoly over wholesale and retail operations.

The bill awaits the governor’s consideration.

Fish for Free on Saturday!

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will host its second Fish for Free Day on Saturday, July 4. On this day, anyone (resident or non-resident) may legally fish on all Pennsylvania waterways without a fishing license. All other fishing regulations will still apply. This is a great way to expose the next generation of anglers to the outdoors. Find more information here.

Happy Independence Day

As we celebrate this important day in our nation’s history, take a moment to check out the Declaration of Independence!

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Anonymous said...

If there is enough money why is everyone on this blog yelling for someone else to fund education Also where is the impact fee money going.This needs to be laid out in detail where that money is going.Everyone needs to understand your county government is way to large.How about we downsize here a little here instead of making someone else pay your bills