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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Dr. Om Singh
BRADFORD, Pa. -- Dr. Om Singh, associate professor of biology at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is the editor of a new book, “Bio-Nanoparticles: Biosynthesis and Sustainable Biotechnological Implications.”

Singh specializes in microbiology and in this book, he and others explore ways in which microbes can produce nanoparticles through non-chemical means. These methods are greener than traditional chemical methods, and the resulting nanoparticles are stable at room temperature and non-hazardous to humans.

Processes using bio-nanoparticles have potential in the areas of biology, energy production and medicine, Singh said. For example, nanoparticles can be attached to enzymes or drugs to help the enzymes go exactly to the site where they are needed in a body or an industrial process. They have potential to help researchers target the use of cancer drugs to a tumor instead of an entire system.

The book introduces readers to microorganisms able to synthesize nanoparticles and the methodologies used to do so, as well as regulations governing the use of microorganisms.

A chapter of the book was co-authored by Singh and students Jingyi Zhang, a biology major from Gibsonia, and Jetka Wanner, a biology major from Saegertown.

Singh said the book is intended for use by undergraduate and graduate students as well as industry researchers.

Singh is continuing his own research in this area this summer with student researchers.

This spring, he was honored with the inaugural President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship and Service for his commitment to student research.

Singh, who has been teaching at Pitt-Bradford for six years, instructs several biology courses for biology majors as well as non-majors. He is an experienced and popular teacher, illustrated by the need to add another lab section for one of his upper-level courses, which also has a waiting list.

Singh lives in Bradford with his wife, Rashmi, and children, Manav and Ojas.

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