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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Step Back In Time Sunday At History Museum

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Many prominent Potter County citizens proudly posed for formal portraits painted by a world-class artist who just happened to reside in Coudersport. Cyrenius Stilson Jones, who lived in Potter County 1847 until his passing in 1885, has left behind a treasure trove of paintings spread across a wide area. Many have been lost.

 But four of them reside in the museum of the Potter County Historical Society, so it’s only fitting that a public viewing of his works and discussion of his life – and his subjects’ lives – will be held at the museum at 2 pm on Sunday, July 26. A brief meeting of the Historical Society will precede the afternoon’s program. Two other portraits by Jones that are on-loan to the museum will be displayed, as will photographs showing some of his other works. 

He was a prolific artist, painting numerous signs for downtown businesses. The public is encouraged to attend the program and learn more about these chapters of Potter County history. Jones painted this portrait of attorney John S. Mann, which is on display at the museum of the Potter County Historical Society. Mann was a vocal abolitionist whose home served as an important station for the Underground Railroad. Elected to the state legislature in 1865, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1872, Mann introduced the Prohibitory Law of 1869. It was intended solely for Potter County, prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages and issuance of liquor licenses until it was repealed in 1900.

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