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Thursday, August 20, 2015

4 Arrested In Thefts From Vehicles In Olean

The Olean Police Departments Criminal Investigation Unit have arrested four people for the recent string Larcenies from vehicles, A.K.A. car shopping. Two adults and two juveniles were arrested for Pettit Larcenies involving thefts from unlocked vehicles in the East and North sides of the City of Olean over this past week. One person was arrested also for Criminal Mischief. These people were working together with one or two acting as a look out while the others opened up the vehicles and stole items such as loose change, GPS, items related to Car audio, a Kindle ect.. The trunks of these vehicles were also ransacked because the vehicles were unlocked giving them access to push the trunk release. A Pine Street family had their swimming pool punctured by one of the persons arrested as well as their vehicle ransacked. All persons arrested were given Court dates to appear in City and Family Court. Police were unable to make arrests for every victim of these crimes. A few of the stolen items were recovered and will eventually be returned to its owner. Please call the Olean Police if you were a victim of theft from your vehicle and you have not reported it yet. There are more arrests pending.

Captain Robert Blovsky

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