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Friday, August 28, 2015

Baker Announces Half Million Dollars in Funding for Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project in Hamilton Township

Rep. Matt Baker
HARRISBURG – Rep. Matt Baker (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter) today announced state funding in the amount of $514,683.20 from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for an abandoned mine reclamation project in Hamilton Township, Tioga County.

“Pennsylvania has numerous abandoned mines and reclamation projects, like the one now scheduled to take place in Hamilton Township, help return the land to a usable state that can benefit the community instead of lying dormant,” said Baker. “I welcome this funding and am looking forward to the project reaching its completion.”

Baker noted extensive work goes into transforming an abandoned mine site, including mobilization and demobilization of the site, grading, clearing, laying down surface materials, seeding and landscaping.

The project is expected to begin on Sept. 5, with a completion date of May 7, 2017.


Anonymous said...

these guys bad mouth the EPA until they want the taxpayers to clean up the messes made by the companies that buy these politicans.The ones that made the mess should pay to clean it up

Anonymous said...

3:45 ??? What guys bad mouth the EPA? Until WHO? wants the taxpayers to clean up the mess? By which companies? Isn't that the way it always is? The one who made the mess cleans it up?
On a related topic... Ironic that the EPA found out that mistakes DO HAPPEN ie: Colorado mine spillage! Every time there is an incident, The EPA jumps on the press bandwagon and spouts off, "How can a company do this?" "How can they operate that way?". Guess the Feds found out. Mistakes happen. But, I am wondering on the CO incident. Who will determine the fine? Who will the fine be paid to? The EPA? aka Themselves? Enough Said...

Anonymous said...

No, 5:29PM, that truly isn't how it is. The extraction industry has learned over the course of 150 years of lax oversight and friendly (bought) politicians and administrators that all they need to do is create an endless supply of fronted small businesses which then go bankrupt on the now depleted project while transferring all the profit to the parent company hiding behind the umbrella. The DEP, which has become a revolving door for mining and drilling ex employees, universally plays along...

PA has close to a trillion dollars worth of unplugged and abandoned oil and gas wells alone. and thanks to all the abandoned mines the entire state has been declared a superfund site.

PAs REAL reputation for protecting it's resources is laughable at best.

Anonymous said...

529 the ones that made all the money off raping colorado should pay for it All the republicans badmouth the EPA Have you been sleeping the past 30 years or watching FOX