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Friday, August 14, 2015

Farmer's Market today in Coudersport from 1 to 5 PM

Farmer's Market today in Coudersport from 1 to 5 PM.


Anonymous said...

More produce vendors and less socks and crafts. What happen to all the vendors?

Anonymous said...

Well, another Friday, another farmers market my wife and I could not get to due to our work schedules & obligations.

Let me say we truly love the products at the Farmers Market, but please consider moving this to Saturday. The fundamental dynamics of modern day life & the local tourism industry do not mesh with Friday afternoon farmers markets. It’s out of step with modern life expectations ie: work week & weekends.

It may be more convenient for the vendors, but you are making the people with the money to spend, your potential customers conform to your schedule. It’s a barrier between you and further success. It seems the Vendors are asking us to leave our work, jobs and obligations so they can have their Saturday free. It should be the other way around. Everyday people, likely cannot get there and those visiting for the weekend are too busy arriving and getting settled to run to a Farmers Market.

I believe a Saturday Farmers Market would create a higher level of energy in town on a day where people are out and about. People would be more inclined to include it on their Saturday day off schedule and it would give the local lodging establishments something to recommend to their incoming weekend guests. The tourists are also the people with the money to spend and are more likely to spend money for local flavor. I don’t believe it’s helping the community as much as it could.

Maybe I’m off base with this, I’m not 100% sure but it’s just my 2c.
What say ye, maybe a poll is in order?

Would you visit the Farmers Market more on Friday or Saturday?

Anonymous said...

The market should be on Saturday. Back in the 90's it was hugely successful on that day.

Anonymous said...

YES......Sat would be great and better as many more go through town on Sat.