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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Galeton Development Corp. Meeting

The Galeton Development Corporation met today, August 20th at the Brick House Deli with president Joe Pagano presiding. 16 members and friends were in attendance.

B.J. Lowther, Cole Memorial Hospital reported that the Galeton Health Center continues to grow with services to the community.

Beth Lounsbury reported that the Galeton Public Library has had a busy summer. Many tourists have been stopping in to use the Wi-Fi. The library continues to get compliments on how nice our library is and the extensive selection of books. The summer reading program was very successful with 52 participants birth to age 5 with 66 grade K-5 and 45. Many popular programs were featured including a program on bats, snakes, police, therapy dogs and many other subjects.

There will be an outdoor program on September 5 starting a 2PM; there will be kayaking, geocaching, fly tying, food and games.

The popular mum sale will be during the Fall Fest on September 26. The knitting group will start up on Friday September 18 at 10AM. The book club meets on the last Thursday of the month at 6:30PM.

John Ziegler reported the the 64th annual Rotary Woodsmen's Show was once again a very successful event.

Mike Plummer reported for the Borough Authority and Council He stated that both organizations are looking at a financial crises with the water system infiltration system, and upgrading the sewer plant. The council is facing a very expensive possible project on a school street retaining wall.

Dr. Brenda Freeman reported that the school year will begin next week with a totally cleaned school, ready to go. 10 students have transferred back to the school from cyberschool. This will be better for the students and for the school. The Gale Foundation has contributed to the fitness center and the tunnel project. The Fall athletic teams have started practice. The state not passing the state budget is causing a problem for the school finances.

Commissioner Susan Kefover reported the commissioner have hired John Bly who is a circuit rider to revitalize community main street projects in the county. She said Galeton is looked upon as a "model community". Historic properties are a primary focus, Mr. Bly will be in Galeton on September 16.

Terri Batterson gave the Pa. Route 6 report. Aprylle Gilbert is running coast to coast (4,000 miles) and will be in Galeton this weekend. There will be town reception Saturday. Paul and Sue Miller are hosting Aprylle at their home. She runs 40 miles a day. Get out and cheer as she goes through town.

Terri is working on a grant to update signage and the gazebo in the Collins Park.

She then discussed several important matters. Long term, Berger Lake and dam issue, short term identify historic buildings and help for tax credits/incentives.

Other items, the Elm St. program and identify safe school walking routes, install waste cans around the town, improve West St, streetscape, build industry and
employment, have more things for visitors to do, utilize park for more events,build leadership capacity and identify trails in an around town. Also build infrastructure for businesses and help them to secure low interest loans.

Henry Lush reported for the community action committee. He reported that Pastor Tom Shatto started this committee last November. Since then the committee has been working on identifying the needs of the young people of Galeton. The committee has traveled to Penn State University and many other places to get things organized the the right direction. With the help of committee member and school principal Clyde Pierce, the committee has applied for a state grant to fund a much needed after school program for as many as 80 students. Pastor Tom organized a very successful youth program this past July. This was the "Traveling Day Camp". 34 kids took advantage of this week long event including an overnight stay at Camp Krislund. It was all free. The committee will now focus how to implement additional programs that will help the community.

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