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Thursday, August 13, 2015

OGM’s: What’s Up Anyways ?!

It’s difficult to believe that this region has been involved in shale development progress for nearly a decade, because for most folks it doesn’t feel like progress. Where’s our “glory hole”?

Obviously that term has not meant the same here as it has in other areas of our state. We know this area has promise … below the Marcellus especially. However why is it that most knocks at the door come with more promise than substance? What the public has noted is that when it’s treated as a class rather than singly being “called into the hall”, the real education begins.

Landowner groups, county educational resources, and universities have delivered a great deal of solid OGM information to the public in recent years. Considering that the success of the resulting meetings can only be measured by the size of the audience, how do we know the message gets across? Attending one or two meetings allows one only a glimpse of all the subjects related to the oil and gas industry … a hint at how it affects our families and communities.

Politics has become such a large part of the country’s oil and natural gas energy development, that we’ve nearly forgotten the importance infrastructure plays. Farmers and factories know that their greatest output does no one any good when it can’t get to market and make a profit. 

Can the process be speeded up?

The trends to focus on are the most recent ones. The options held by landowners are not static. They change, and hopefully so does the public’s understanding.

When the meeting on August 19th is held at the Gunzburger Building in Coudersport, the room should be filled. Even though the 2:00 – 4:00 PM time frame may not pleasantly suit everyone’s schedule, there is also nothing pleasant about misunderstanding the best way to take care of your land or your wallet.

Even though it’s FREE registration is a must. Call 570.320.4429. Being there on time is great, but coming late can be handled. At the end there will be a question and answer period.

KEY SPEAKERS: Dan Brockett – An excellent source on shale matters, representing Penn State’s Marcellus Education Team

Bud Shuffstall -- Senior Vice-President Senior Oil, Gas, & Mineral Officer @ Northwest Savings Bank


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