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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Prison suicides leave families grieving, seeking answers

By Kristina Scala, 
Delaware County Daily Times

Posted: 07/19/15,

CONCORD >> Two recent suicides at Delaware County’s Prison have the families of inmates pleading for information about their loved ones deaths and threatening legal action against the county.

On May 26, a 35-year-old woman with a history of mental illness was found dead in her cell at the Delaware County prison, hanging by her bra from a vent on the wall.

Janene Wallace had been in the Concord facility for nearly three months on charges she had violated her probation linked to a 2013 arrest for terroristic threats and related offenses.

On July 5, Richard Dandrea, a 46-year-old employee at the Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook, hung himself with a rope from a laundry bag. Dandrea also had a history of psychological issues.

Dandrea, formerly of Aston and previously of Galeton, Pa., in Potter County, was jailed for failing to pay child support in June. He was sentenced to serve six months at the facility.

The Daily Times reported a suicide in 2007, making the most recent the seventh at the facility in 10 years.  Read more...

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

thoughts and prayers to the families of these two individuals.

We understand this situation too. Recently, one of our family members was arrested for a parole violation.. He, too, has a mental disorder, along with alcoholism.

He spent three weeks in jail until he was recently extradited to the state where he had violated his parole. During his three weeks in jail, no type of therapy was offered to him..

He is now in a group home, sitting there in limbo, again with no type of therapy.. no type of help... simply waiting until the judicial system decides his fate. We have seen his mental state deteriorate rapidly, and we are concerned about him. I can tell you, the worse thing to do to a person with mental disorders is to make him/her sit idle.. with too much time to think. Their thoughts wander.. and typically not towards positive thoughts.

With our family member, it has gotten to the point where we are hiring a lawyer in order to get the judicial system to get a move on his case. Otherwise, he will sit there until his parole office gets around to filling out paperwork and submitting it to the courts. And we know, as his family, that idle time is not a healthy time for him.

The handling of mental patients in the legal system NEEDS to change... to prevent tragic events, such as suicide, from occurring.