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Friday, August 21, 2015

Think About It

by Pastor B.J. Knefley

A lot can be said about choices. They’re happening all the time. Some are good, and some are not. Many affect not just the person who’s making them, but others as well. We don’t often think about how our choices affect the life of others, but they do.

Taking responsibility for choices is another thing. Many don’t want to do that. Instead they blame others for what’s happening rather than taking responsibility for their choices. Consequences are the result of choices and sometimes they’re not pleasant. They’re normal things that happen when we make choices. Consequences teach us to make better choices. Have you ever noticed how selfish people can be in their choices? Like they’re the only people that matter?

I got up this morning and told my wife I wanted to take today as a vacation day. I know, how can a retired person take a vacation day, isn’t everyday a vacation? Well no, not really. There are always things to do, places to go and people to see. I have at least two appointments in my schedule today that, although not unpleasant appointments, obligations none the less. I guess my wife didn’t hear me or take me seriously as she’s gone into town to shop. So I decided to write. I guess the vacation day is out the window, at least for now.

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing about choices. Simply because I’m tired this morning, tired of having to deal emotionally, physically, and spiritually with the choices of others. Choices that I have no control over, yet affect me anyway. And in these, more than I would like. To make matters worse, they don’t seem to want to take responsibility and accept the consequences that come with their choices. It’s almost as if they think that their choice was no big deal. Sadly, if they don’t get a handle on things they’ll probably make the same poor choices again.

For me, and you if you’re in the same place, is to seek solitude and comfort in his presence. Hence my reason for a vacation day. Sometimes we just need to quiet our surroundings. Think about it.


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Don't believe everything you read or listen to by a preacher!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes this is exactly how I feel with family members. Need to take breaks or vacations as you stated.