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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tioga County 9-1-1 Holding Grand Opening Of New Center In Wellsboro On Friday, September 11th

Ever wonder what going on behind the scanner radio? 

Ever wonder what the dispatcher is doing during an emergency, or why we ask the questions that we do? 

Want to put a face to the voice that you hear dispatching your department. 

Want to say thank you? 

Here is your opportunity to do all those things. 

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!! 
Call now to register for a tour of the Potter-Tioga 9-1-1 Center.


Anonymous said...

Why is Potter County funding Tioga County 911 ???? We have an EOC, with 911 why is it not being used ????

Anonymous said...

What Potter Pays to Tioga for 911 service is peanuts compared to what Potter would have to pay for its own 911 center and staff. But if you want higher taxes, go for it. I wont have to pay more.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact Potter County Emergency Management and ask or go to a Commissioner and ask them? I think you will find the costs to be minimal compared to running your own center. Maybe once you find out you will send a Thank you card to Tioga for working with Potter.