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Friday, September 25, 2015


No Isopropanol Present in Six of Seven
Initial Water Samples Closest to Drilling Location

WEXFORD, Pa (Sept.25) – JKLM Energy, LLC today announced plans to issue daily updates to the public regarding the release of drilling chemicals at its Sweden Township, Potter County wellpad. 

 These updates, along with previous press releases and related information, are now available at a project specific website,

As of September 24, 2015 JKLM Energy, LLC received lab results from seven water sources that had potential groundwater contamination. 

 These results included four of the five private water wells either nearby or with foamy characteristics for the presence of isopropanol, the chemical of principal concern in the incident, which was not detected in those four wells. The material was also not detected in samples collected from two springs located in the area of the investigation.

The private well with foamy conditions and closest to the drill site contained 15 ppm (parts per million) isopropanol, which is at Pennsylvania’s Act 2 standard for aquifers serving residential uses. These sampling results are consistent with the belief that the aquifer would continue to disperse and degrade the isopropanol as it is transported through the aquifer by means of normal water flow.

JKLM attended a Sept. 24 public meeting at the Gunzburger Building in Coudersport to inform local officials and citizens about the release and to answer any questions and concerns that they had. 

 The company is continuing to test water wells and sources in the potentially affected area and will keep the public apprised of the general lab results as they are received. Due to privacy concerns, JKLM will not disclose property-specific water well results without the permission of the property owner. 

 The company also took water samples to test for potential concerns at the Hershey Pond, located just off of Route 6 east of Coudersport. 

 JKLM is continuing to work closely with local officials as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to limit the release’s impact to the community and restore the local water aquifer to pre-drilling quality.

Local residents with questions may contact Dean Boorum, JKLM's community liaison, at (814) 598-3960 with questions.
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About JKLM Energy, LLC: JKLM is a privately held oil and gas producer headquartered in Wexford, Pa. The company is conducting operations at locations in Potter County.


Anonymous said...

They introduced chemicals into the aquifer through an uncased bore hole. They knew it was illegal and they did it anyway. Lets all kiss their ass now...

Anonymous said...

I think it is a shame that people are expected to trust JKLM to tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I'd want to get my well tested by an independent organization, and I'd want to get the results directly from them! I don't trust DEP any more than I trust JKLM, either.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like allowing people to investigate and regulate themselves. Just as their press releases show, they've down-played what's really at stake, how serious the situation really is, and finally they'll sweep as much of it under the rug as possible - even if that means allowing some people to be poisoned.

Anonymous said...

I live close to the site and my well water is fine. I think people are making a big deal out of nothing. Do you know how many chemicals go into our ground from other sources? Don't hear anything about that.

Anonymous said...

7:17 AM, you hope your water is fine. The value of your home just went down the shitter and that will never change.