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Saturday, September 26, 2015


No Isopropanol Present in Sixteen Additional Water Wells Near Drilling Location

WEXFORD, Pa. (Sept. 26) – JKLM Energy, LLC issued the following update to the public regarding the company’s continuing response to the release of drilling chemicals at its Sweden Township, Potter County wellpad. These updates and related information are available at a project-specific website:

As of September 25, 2015 JKLM Energy, LLC received an additional 16 lab results from water sources near the Reese Hollow 118 wellpad. Isopropanol, the chemical of principal concern in regard to the release from the drill site, was not detected in any of the 16 samples. A total of 23 lab results have been received to date, all testing below state Act 2 levels for isopropanol. 

JKLM has added methylene blue activated substances (MBAS) to its list of sampling parameters to determine if other components of the surfactant and foaming agent are present in water wells and springs. Lab results for five wells that presented foamy characteristics were sampled for MBAS, along with isopropanol. 

 Isopropanol was not detected in four of those samples, and was present in the fifth at 15 parts per million, which is at Pennsylvania’s Act 2 standard for aquifers serving residential uses. 

All five wells tested above recommended levels for MBAS, which was expected, given the presence of foam in the water.
MBAS detects anionic surfactants and is a non-health based secondary drinking water standard under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, primarily in reference to the aesthetics of drinking water. 

The company has provided temporary potable water and will continue to install replacement water supplies at the landowners’ convenience. As the surfactant continues to disperse and degrade, and microbial degradation occurs in the aquifer, the company anticipates MBAS will fall below the recommended levels. 

JKLM is continuing to work closely with local officials as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to limit the release’s impact to the community and restore the local water aquifer to pre-drilling quality. 

Local residents with questions may contact Dean Boorum, JKLM's community liaison, at (814) 598-3960 with questions.
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About JKLM Energy, LLC: JKLM is a privately held oil and gas producer headquartered in Wexford, Pa. The company is conducting operations at locations in Potter County.

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