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Friday, September 25, 2015

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Has Immediate Employment Opportunities in the Mining Program

The Department of Environmental Protection today announced numerous employment opportunities in its mining programs. Current workforce planning projections highlight the potential for upcoming retirements to open up more than 50 positions across the commonwealth by 2017.

“Employment opportunities abound with the Bureaus of District Mining Operation and Mine Safety,” said Deputy Secretary for Active and Abandoned Mine Operations John Stefanko. “Current and future job openings are available, and DEP needs men and women with mining experience to fill them.”

Surface and underground mine inspectors in central and western Pennsylvania work with the mining community to ensure compliance with environmental standards and safe and efficient working conditions. A working knowledge of mines and mining is a must, so these positions are excellent opportunities for experienced industry personnel to transition into a second career, or have been affected by changes in the industry.

“The coal and non-coal mining industries are an important part of Pennsylvania’s economy, and keeping the inspection workforce staffed with highly qualified individuals is a key component to that economic engine,” said Stefanko.

Opportunities include:
• Surface Mine Conservation Inspectors: Responsible for inspecting surface mines for compliance with state laws and regulations in both coal and non-coal mines such as quarries, these inspectors also suggest improvements for efficiency and safety of the mine site. Positions available in Schuylkill, Cambria, Centre, Clarion, Washington and Westmoreland counties.
• Bituminous Underground Mine Inspectors and Electrical Inspectors: Underground safety inspections focus on a range of areas of concern – the speed and oxygen content of the air, the presence of explosive or noxious gases, and the safety of the equipment used in the mines. Inspectors are directly involved with rescue operations. Electrical inspectors focus on inspecting the electrical equipment for compliance with their respective laws and regulations. Electrical inspectors are also involved with accident investigations, rescue operations, and consulting with mine officials and miners on the safe operation of electrical equipment. Positions are available in Westmoreland and surrounding counties.
• Anthracite Underground Mine Inspectors and Electrical Inspectors: These inspectors have similar responsibilities as their counterparts in bituminous mines, but are located in the only operating anthracite coal mines in the U.S. Positions are available in Schuylkill and surrounding counties.

These job openings fill important roles in the mining programs, and DEP is committed to filling them and keeping mining safety at the forefront.

Questions on how to apply can be directed by email to:

Pennsylvania residents interested in applying or learning more are encouraged to visit:

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