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Friday, September 25, 2015

Williamsport Bureau of Police ** Telephone Scams **

Williamsport Bureau of Police
** Telephone Scams **
September 25, 2015

The WBP received two calls last night regarding telephone scams. In these cases the caller claimed to be with the Sheriff's department. The caller told the victim that they had missed jury duty. The caller then advised that the citizen would be going to jail for 45 days or until the next jury selection or they could post bail. The caller then gave instructions on how to send bail money.
We just wanted people to be aware of this scenario.

Do not accept any calls or conduct any sort of business from anyone using 570-447-0350 a Verizon Wireless phone number. THIS IS A SCAM.

Do not conduct any financial transactions with anyone who identify themselves as an official county, state, federal, or local government agency--this is not the way a government agency does business.

Be suspicious of anyone who is requesting that you send payments of money via Pal Pal Cash Cards, Green Dot cards, or any other means. Be suspicious of Craigslist or other internet contacts requesting money.

Do not provide your personal or financial information to anyone that you cannot verify as being exactly who they say they are.

Request verification and proof.

Conduct official business and financial transactions in person.

If it sounds too good to be true or if it sounds suspicious...Then it is probably a SCAM.

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