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Thursday, October 22, 2015

JKLM Energy---Water Tests Indicate Drilling Soap Has Dissipated In Sweden Township Aquifer

317 Water Samples Received to Date from 121 Total Sources, Company to Update Community as Events Warrant in Future

WEXFORD, Pa. (Oct. 22) – JKLM Energy, LLC today issued the following update and statement to the public regarding the company’s continuing response to the release of drilling chemicals at its Sweden Township, Potter County wellpad. These updates and related information are available at a project-specific website:

As of October 22, 2015, JKLM Energy, LLC has received a total of 317 lab results (121 initial tests, 196 follow-up tests) from water source samples near the Reese Hollow 118 wellpad. Only one water source sampled continues to show trace amounts of methylene blue activated substances (MBAS), analyzed to determine the general presence of soap-like constituents contained in the surfactant that was placed in the wellbore. Likewise, only one water source sampled continues to show trace amounts of acetone, a constituent expected to be found as isopropanol breaks down in the environment. None of the water sources sampled indicate the presence of isopropanol at this time.

The company issued the following statement on its investigation over the past four weeks and the current status of its response: “JKLM is pleased that sampling results over time show this release had a very limited impact on localized water sources, dating back to the first samples reported in late September. As expected, the results verify a significant decrease in the levels of surfactant in the water. JKLM continues to work closely with the owners of the few water supplies that were affected.

“The company has made this investigation our first priority, and will continue to work with state regulators and local officials to address any potential community concerns as this investigation comes to a close. Going forward, JKLM will provide updates to the public on a timely and as-needed basis as we direct our efforts toward obtaining DEP approval of a monitoring and remediation plan.”

The JKLM Community Outreach office is open at 200 N. West St. in Coudersport and will continue to be staffed from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The public is invited to visit the office to talk with project managers, and view maps and related information about the company’s response efforts. JKLM remains committed to its partnership with local residents, as well as to open lines of communication with local and state officials and affected property owners.
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About JKLM Energy, LLC: JKLM is a privately held oil and gas producer headquartered in Wexford, Pa. The company is conducting operations at locations in Potter County.

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