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Friday, November 13, 2015

Denton Hill State Park Feasibility Study Nearing Completion

Harrisburg – Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officials today announced the department is nearing completion of a feasibility study for Denton Hill State Park, Potter County. The study, coordinated by Moshier Studio in Pittsburgh, will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the existing infrastructure as well as an in-depth look at long-term potential for skiing and other potential year round activities at the park.

To facilitate the public input process, DCNR is offering the opportunity for public feedback through an online survey. The survey is available through Nov. 30 at

DCNR staff and Mosher Studio personnel will hold a public meeting January 2016. The meeting will be an open house format designed to review the data collected to date and present the study’s recommended direction regarding ski operations or other four-season recreational opportunities at Denton Hill.

“Our team looks forward to sharing the feasibility study’s findings with Denton Hill’s constituents,” said Bureau of State Parks Director David Kemmerer. “Input from the public acquired through venues like the Denton Hill State Park: Visions for the Future survey will help DCNR determine a future course of action for operations at Denton Hill State Park.”

Denton Hill State Park was opened as a ski area in 1958 and operated by the commonwealth until 1979. In 1983, DCNR signed a 35-year concession lease agreement with Denton Hill
Family and Ski Resort, Inc. The concessionaire notified DCNR in November 2014 that they
would no longer be able to operate. Ski operations were closed for the winter of 2014-2015. Although no ski operations are taking place, the park continues to host special events and recreational activities supported by the existing infrastructure.

For more information on any of Pennsylvania’s 120 state parks visit DCNR website at (choose Find a Park) or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS.


Anonymous said...

"Feasibility Study" - an excuse to spend a lot of money to justify a predetermined outcome. Let me guess, the results will be that this would be a great place to have a ski-slope/resort which would boost the local economy by bringing in tourism dollars. Supported by State grants, loans, tax cuts and Federal grants. And in a few years when the money runs out it will start all over again.
Just sell it to a wealthy person who would love to build a beautiful house there and pay a lot of taxes.

Anonymous said...

What a plan :( More taxpayers money spent to compete with the Lumber Museum? Why not just fix what DCNR let go to hell in the first place. This really sounds like the local political monkeys have a hand in all of this!

Anonymous said...

totally agree waste of taxpayer dollars.The ones that will benefit have connections to the local politicans.Tourism will never support the cost.Hoping to get rid of house and move where there is better use of taxpayer dollars to benefit everyone not just the connected,Tired of paying high property taxes just to benefit a few