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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Move On Callls For Action To Support Closing Firearms Loophole

Dear MoveOn member,

President Obama is considering a game-changing executive action to prevent senseless gun deaths by addressing a dangerous loophole that lets unlicensed, high-volume firearms dealers sell countless guns every year without conducting background checks.1

But the National Rifle Association is fighting back viciously—tightening its chokehold on lawmakers and spreading inflammatory lies about the president's plan. It has even promoted messages that threaten "civil war" with Democrats over gun safety measures.2

The president has to know that members of Congress will join with him and have his back as he takes bold action. That's why gun violence prevention stalwarts Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) are asking their colleagues to stand up to NRA scare tactics and join a growing chorus calling on the president to take executive action.

So far, Senator Robert Casey has not signed on to letters being circulated in the House and Senate by Rep. Thompson and Sen. Murphy supporting the president's executive action—which is why MoveOn members are calling him today.

Can you call Sen. Casey right now?

Here's where to call:

Senator Robert Casey
Phone: (202) 224-6324

You can say: "We cannot wait another day to crack down on illegal gun sales and stop mass shootings. Please join the congressional sign-on letters being circulated by Rep. Thompson and Sen. Murphy urging President Obama to take action and require all high-volume firearms dealers to conduct background checks when they sell a firearm."


Anonymous said...

Dear MoveOn,

Can you provide a link to your credible sources so we may evaluate what is going on ourselves and act as individuals instead of blindly following? I'd hate to walk off a cliff like so many other Lemmings out there.



Anonymous said...

These so called loopholes are being severely exaggerated. This is just another gun control measure. The criminals are NOT buying the guns from firearms dealers, they're stealing them or buying them on the black market.

Yes, show us your CREDIBLE sources or quit your damn lying !


Anonymous said...

For credible information go to Peyotecactus.commie. Everything you need to know, want to know, think you know, don't know, is there for you. Then you will see things their way. nsf

Anonymous said...

The biggest liar in this and many other things is the liar and chief himself if the man opens his mouth he is lying !

Anonymous said...

Senator Casey is spineless, he'll go along with any of obamas
socialist plans.

Anonymous said...

As your name implies, "Move on and go away"

Anonymous said...

All these " illegal firearms" that are used by nut cases have not killed anyone since they have been laid down. So why is it always the gun manufacturers fault,or the gun dealers fault, maybe a civil war is exactly what this country needs.

Anonymous said...

They quote mass-shootings in this rhetoric.

How many mass-shootings were conducted with the firearms mentioned in this article?


How many law-abiding, right-wing responsible gun-owners have been involved in mass-shootings?


Rather, we have left-wing nutcases on prescription depression pills stealing firearms and shooting people up because their "feelings" were hurt.

This isn't a gun problem, it's a people problem.

I say we implement some of their own logic; take a gun-control vote and deport everyone who votes to take them away.

In fact, they can all go to MEXICO since they love those people so much anyway.

Problema resuelto.

Anonymous said...

You lie! All dealers do and are required to do background checks. Numbers from a recent year showed 77,000 people NOT permitted to buy firearms attempted to do so.(such as felons)Of that only 70 arrests were made! You need to enforce laws in place not make new ones. Heard a saying once that fits you pretty well... figures don't lie but liars figure.