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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Olean Man Busted For Selling Heroin


Anonymous said...

They need to put these guys on a farm with shackles n make them work there n never release them, they make their choices !
Again they make their choice n now it becomes a disease, wow ! Bad choices turn into diseases

Anonymous said...

One down. Three more will take his place. Good work Drug Warriors.

Anonymous said...

WTF ? He looks like a stand up guy ?

Anonymous said...

So, by the first poster's logic, we should lock people with diseases up forever in shackles on work farms?

Makes perfect sense. Lets hurt people and turn them into work slaves for hurting themselves.

Do you realize how warped your beliefs are?

The only part of your statement that makes sense is, "they make their choices". They do make their own choices, so what makes you think you can make choices FOR them? Such as locking them up in shackles?

Oh, I know, you're worried their "disease" might spread and infect your children, or someone you love. Because, honestly, how else could you possibly arrive at the derided conclusion you posted above? The saddest part is that you don't realize your policies of "locking these people away forever" do nothing more than spread the disease.

It's literally like fighting a grease or chemical fire; throwing water on it is only going to make the problem worse.

Someone who understands fire (this disease of addiction) understands your simplistic solution of throwing water on the chemical fire is making it worse.

You just keep shouting at everyone to throw more water.

I have a fire extinguisher; it's called decriminalization. For one thing, drug laws are completely un-Constitutional (if you don't believe that then why did it take a Constitutional Amendment to criminalize alcohol?). Second, the very notion that you have the right to dictate to others what they consume is preposterous. Even if you believe yourself to be correct, superior in your intellect, morals, ethics and everything you do everyday (in other words you're perfect), it still gives you no right to decide what other people do when it has no bearing on you.

In other words, it's none of your damn business what consenting adults do if it doesn't involve children or infringing on your rights.

Anonymous said...

Obesity is a disease oftentimes caused by poor choices, such as eating a steady diet of MacDonalds.

MacDonalds is marketing their junk to my children on TV and attempting to spread the diseases of obesity, diabetes and cancer to them, with toys and clowns.

How ridiculous would it sound if I suggested that we lock up all obese people and make them work to get thin? We should also arrest all the dealers (franchise owners) for distributing unhealthy products.

According to your belief system, the above is totally plausible, and I'd argue even more fallible than a war on drugs. No one is marketing heroin to my kids on the TV.

I have a better idea; learn how to raise your kids and stop expecting laws to do it for you. And then, mind your own damn business.

Anonymous said...

Odd, he looks like a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of someone dying after eating a lone Big Mac but the names are listed daily for the people who die after taking heroin one time.

Dave Dinklemeyer said...

Anonymous. ... you are a complete dumbass!!!! He doesn't have a disease! He is a drug selling scumbag !!! Maybe your kids will develop his disease one day and you can baby them back to good health. But I hope , as stupid as you are ,that you didn't reproduce!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this is a ridiculous example. Doesn't even compare.

Anonymous said...

He lived down the street, he was a quiet boy who never bothered anybody, loved to ride his bicycle, such a nice young man, ,,,, Then something happened................He met 'Ricardo' the immigrant.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:22, agree with you 100%
Our young people are dying off like flies b/cause of druggies n dealers like him n they don't give a hoot who they sell too !! We as tax payers pay for his sorry butt to sit in jail n so I think it is our business n by the way the law does tell us how to raise our children !!
He made the choice n he made his bed, ya do the crime, you pay the time, Geez I never heard of anyone dying from eating a "Big Mac" either! Lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, poor Ricardo !!

Anonymous said...

It is our damn business, young people are dying left n right n as far as putting them on farms n shackled, that's an easy way out, take n dump them in a river with shackles,!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Wow ! Someone hit a nerve ! Wow !!

Anonymous said...

Everyone know what drugs do to you. In schools we have drug free classes and warn you about what they do to your body. WHY do people buy these drugs and where do they get the money to buy them. There would not be any drug dealers if no one would buy them. Drug dealers do not force them on people people come to them to buy. why are people so stupid??? As my dad used to say If Johnny jumped in a fire and got burned Would you??? of coursed I said no so why don't people say NO to drugs. They know it harms them so let them OD and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Amen n Amen 11:01 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect illustrations of the senseless logic that drives the "War on Drugs".

I don't have to worry about my kids catching the heroin "disease" or the "ignorant" disease many of you possess, because my children have responsible parents who taught them better.

But, keep on with your senseless tactics which have been proven time and again to be total failures. I just wish you would leave my pocketbook and rights out of your damn insanity. I'm tired of financing the propagation of drug addicts. Your policies are only making matters worse.

Not a damn one of you can produce an intelligent argument or fact to the contrary; nothing but emotional and senseless fear-mongering that all of our kids will turn into heroin zombies if we don't beat, kidnap, rob and imprison the people currently using heroin.

If your kid ends up a junky, it's most likely your own damn fault, not the fault of the man in this photo.

You automatically assume this man is "THE DEALER", so "fry him", never even considering that he's as much a victim of the person who sold it to him as the person he's selling it to.

Until you start shackling the CIA, Mexican Drug Cartels, Senators, crooked pilots, corrupt cops, Washington Insiders, The Pentagon and the real kingpins, save your BS for someone who knows better. Our goddamn military has been in Afghanistan protecting poppy fields for HOW MANY YEARS? Protecting them so Big-Pharma can produce their "legal drugs", meanwhile it's a major illegal export sustaining the Afghan economy and flooding America with heroin.

With that said, I can't wait until it IS YOUR CHILD in this photo, because I'll be the first one advocating we shackle them to the bottom of a river.

Anonymous said...

And newsflash, your kids are dying at a far greater rate from RX overdoses than heroin, and have been for years in Coudersport.

The only reason they're using heroin now is they've cracked down on RX abuse in Potter County and since access is limited the users are turning to what's available; Heroin!

One more perfect example of how your War on Drugs has made the problem worse.

Damn, I sure miss the days when kids would smoke a little reefer, act retarded, and go home.

Have a good life.

Anonymous said...

4:03 and those who agree with him WTF something must be done to make it a grave decision to sell this stuff. I would rather see them get the death penalty. Why? Because they contribute to the death of a lot of our youth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Talking sense with you people is like trying to talk sense to an autistic kid throwing a fit on the floor.

You just continue crying the same thing over and over. No amount of reasoning will change your mind or calm your irrationality.

You're correct, something must be done. But, what you're currently doing, isn't working. That "something" that must be done, is not what you are doing.

But, whatever. I'll join the "execute them all" bandwagon, like I said, I can't wait until it's your child, brother, sister, mother or father we're executing.

Line all the drug users up on the streets of Coudersport, and execute them. They're all just as guilty; users and dealers, there is no real difference. They all buy/sell from/to one another. You're under some Hollywood created delusion there are a select few selling to thousands. Get a grip. Come back down to reality.

Your insane War on Drugs hasn't worked for over 50 years. Drug use and crime has continued to rise; and yet your solution is MORE OF THE SAME. The true definition of insanity.

Keep pounding your head against the wall and expect it to cure your headache. You're insane.

Anonymous said...

Drugs? There are more than just kids using drugs in Potter County. Getting the drugs is the easy part.

Anonymous said...

You're all very uneducated !!!

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the unions.. loss of jobs causes drug abuse

Tony said...

The main reason these scumbags sell drugs...they are to god damn lazy to go to work...bottom line.The excuse that theres no work, doesn't work ,theres 4 or 5 jobs listed on this website every day

Anonymous said...

Wow ! There's not one person on here that can cast the first stone ! Not one of you fall short, not one of you have ever made a mistake, rather than do all this judging, how about PRAYING, Judgement will fall back on everyone of you n not just yourself but your own children n grandchildren, Judge not lest you be judged! You better think twice before making such terrible remarks that it doesn't come back to bite you n or your children n or grandchildren! !

Anonymous said...

Tony God loves you, He doesn't damn you so why do you damn Him, Shame on you !!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Y'all don't remember the JACK IN THE BOX? Children literally died after eating ONE Burger. And how about that salmonella in the spinach?

They should sell good quality, uncut drugs in stores. They could call it a "Drug Store". You could buy your drugs legally, pay the tax, and smoke your smokey smoke comfortably at home. Then cook dinner, enjoy the sunset, blaze another, then cook second dinner.

This would stop the funding of the black market, which we KNOW funds terrorists. Mexican Cartels are as bad as ISIS and ISIL. And maybe soon, Comcast, if they impose data caps.