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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sudden Snow Made Hills Almost Impassible Until Treated

#173-2015. At 1952 hrs on Friday night Derrick CIty Station11 was dispatched for a 1 car MVA at the base of Red Rock hill, car into ditch. Rescue 111, Engine 113 and all Chiefs responded. Chief 11 (Kelley) arrived on scene to report 1 vehicle into ditch, no injuries. Due to poor weather conditions the hill was shut down. Otto Twp Station 9 Fire Police were dispatched to assist with traffic control at the top and Rescue 111 (Scrivo) and 11-70 (MacDonald) closed traffic in Derrick CIty. Personnel were assisted on scene by MA-1, Foster Township PD and Tuna Valley Towing. Roadway remained closed until PennDot arrived to plow and sand roadway. Also during this time there were calls of poor road conditions and disabled motorists on Olean Road, Red Rock Hill (Duke Center side), Looker Mountain Trail and Rew hill. Station 11 and Station 9 were on scene for approx 1.5 hrs.


Tony said...

come on folks,,, this is the same kind of snow we had last winter,,, and the winter before that. and the winter before that. come to think of it,we have had snow for as long as i can remember.lets all get our thinking caps on now...snow on the road means it's slippery...slow down. jeez, its simple

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happen with Penn Dot's new technology getting equipment to those area's?
Warning for 1-4" of snow had been posted earlier in the week and watching the map on Friday afternoon it could be seen coming.

Anonymous said...

The people driving the roads new it was coming too. People need to slow down and be responsible.