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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Barefoot Child Comes To Dollar General To Buy Star Wars Figure

First thing this morning, officers responded to a found child at the Dollar General store. Store employees had found a young child wearing light clothes but no shoes and socks standing at the front door when they arrived. The employees did not recognize the child and called the Police. 

Police arrived quickly and found employees getting the child socks. Moments later two adults arrived and identified the child and were attempting to contact a parent. The young child was able to tell officers that he had wanted to buy a Star Wars action figure and wanted to get there early. The father arrived promptly and advised everyone had been out looking for the child. 

They had seen police responding and hoped we had located the child. Our very own Sgt. Erickson obtained permission to purchase the toy for the child out of his own money, making the best out of the incident. The Dollar General employees also bought the child socks for his cold feet.

Far too many times these type of calls have different outcomes. We want to recognize Sgt. Erickson for unselfishness and compassionate response.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Sgt. Erickson!

Anonymous said...

Just thankful the little one was found safe n sound!

Anonymous said...

How old was this child?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim for a positive article on the many GREAT police that are working every day to keep us safer!

Anonymous said...

Rewarding a child for running off by himself? A kind hearted thought but perhaps a confused message sent to the child. Let's hope he doesn't want another toy and try it again.