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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Galeton Weather report for December 2015

by Henry Lush
The best way to describe December 2015 is by saying it was warm and wet. Finally after two bitter, record breaking winters global warming has arrived in Galeton. It is about time. We had above normal temperature readings for many days, however, I don't think any records were broken. The month started out warm after a warm Thanksgiving and then it stayed that way for the remainder of the month. High 50's and low 60 degree readings were common throughout the month. On the 24th it was 65 degrees at 7am. Even early morning temperatures were mild for December in, the high 20's and low 30's.

We had 16 days with measureable rainfall. The greatest snowfall was 1" on the 29th. It really was a mixture of ice pellets and snow. Everyone with snow plows enjoyed the opportunity to get them out and plow. We recorded 16 morning with fog. Some of the fog was very heavy until mid morning.

This year we received 4.39" of rain and melted snow. We received 1.4" of snow. 1" was the greatest snow depth. Last year we received 2.66" of rain and melted snow with 7.3" of snow.

For December the average high temperature is 35 degrees and the average low is 22 degrees. The record is 68 degrees in 2012 and the record low is minus 9 in 2004.

For 2015 we received 39.52" of rainfall which is 2.77" below normal and 42.50" of snow which is 11.5" below normal.

Pine Creek looks great, fast moving and beautiful. The Canada geese like it and in fact they may be staying for the winter.

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Curt said...

Thank you Henry & a Happy New Year!