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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Millerton, Daggett Dispatched For Utility Truck On It's Roof

At 2:08 PM on Thursday, Millerton & Daggett Fire Dept. and Erway ambulance have been dispatched to the intersection of Bailey Creek Road and Pumpkin Hill Crossover Road for a utility truck on it's roof in the ditch.

A helicopter has been dispatched. 

The accident reported on your site was actually at the intersection of the Pumpkin Hill Crossover Road & Bailey Creek Road, not at the Pumpkin Hill/Bailey Creek intersection. 

It happened on a small, but hard to negotiate curve with the vehicle believed to be a white color heavy duty pickup truck with matching color high utility box on back-but I could not see it clearly. There have been numerous accidents in this very same spot over the years.

The Medic Helicopter flew over my house just about 3pm sharp & believed to have landed on the Mitchell Farm on Bailey Creek Road to pick up the victim(s) - unknown. This landing site is about 3/4 of a mile down the hill from the accident site towards Job's Corners. Erway Ambulance was on scene so I am assuming they transported from the actual accident site to the landing zone. The helicopter took off about 3:10pm.


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