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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oil & Gas Industry / Farming / Lumbering Not So Different

For roughly a decade this region of PA has been riding a roller coaster with the gas and oil industry. 

 Before the public understood what industry geologists were predicting for our counties, our townships, the scramble was on to lease the unseen from the unwary. Landowners were ready for their “ship to come in” thanks to underground wealth. 

THEN … life happened. All matter of politics within our state, our country, and the world began having a detrimental effect on individual and country-wide plans. 

Add to that “OOPS” moments, when it became obvious not all industry players knew what they were doing with the new technology needed to be successful. 

 Keep going and understand that Mother Nature has always played a major role in determining the public’s immediate needs. Whether it’s too hot or too cold energy needs everywhere are in constant flux. Too dry or too wet … needs change. Storms, landslides and even earthquakes that devastate entire regions, drive immense demand for life’s necessities i.e. energy, food, housing. 

We don’t control, we deal with…

Just as a farmer’s best year is not likely to be the most profitable, the prettiest stand of timber can have no market, the O&G industry has had to contend with havoc for many reasons. 

 That’s life. It happens. Make plans but don’t expect the outcome to be written in cement.
The title of this article is meant to ensure awareness that in the end we are all in the same boat. We do as best we can with what Earth, Mother Nature, and the good Lord provide us and move on. We strive to make the best of what we have as wisely as we can by recognizing that circumstances change.

The public isn’t practicing the same farming and lumbering techniques of a century ago, nor are leases being written using the same terms as those even a decade or two ago. It’s a different world and a New Year is upon us. 

The wise are a patient bunch that continues to learn whatever their vocation. The quote
“Live long and prosper” doesn’t just refer to $$$. 

2016 will see us all facing challenges and rewards. Hang on!

Janice L. Hancharick

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Anonymous said...

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or the few.