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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Potter County Natural Gas Resource Center (NGRC) has established a new website

New Website For Questions About Gas-Drilling Pollution Incident

NGRCPotter County Natural Gas Resource Center (NGRC) has established a new website to address citizens’ concerns about the release of chemicals into an aquifer an a JKLM Energy LLC gas-drilling site in Sweden Township during September. 

A number of issues were raised during an information-packed NGRC meeting on Dec. 17 in Coudersport. 

Some of the questions submitted in writing were not addressed as the meeting reached adjournment. 

Purpose of the website is to provide answers to those questions and others that citizens have in the coming weeks. NGRC will refer the questions to the appropriate information source and provide responses as quickly as possible. 

Several questions have already been submitted to both JKLM and the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection. 

Those seeking to access the site should visit the Potter County website, A box titled “Q & A from Natural Gas Resource Center” appears on the home page. 

Instructions for submitting questions can be found on the website.


Anonymous said...

Cool beans, county officials created a website to address the concerns citizens
had three months ago. Only thing is, they didn't tell us there was something to be concerned about back then.Must have been too busy just before election day.

Anonymous said...

Actually the authorities in this case are the State Department of Environmental Protection and the townships or borough. Your insults should be directed at the people who have that responsibility. If you didn't know there was something to be concerned about in September then you must live in a cave or with your head in the sand. The JKLM and DEP folks were out knocking on doors and the borough put out notices and there were screaming headlines all over the place for days on end. I personally appreciate that this website has been launched to give people a chance to ask questions now that some but not all of the answers are beginning to be known. What is the old saying, "If you can't say anything negative, don't say anything at all"? How about a "thank you" once in a while when comments appear on this blog?

Anonymous said...

you reap what you sow.Your politicans sold you down the river and you reelected them .So blame yourself for where you are at this time.It only will get worse as they rape and pillage your county and leave you the bill