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Friday, January 1, 2016

5 Reported Injured In Vehicle Crash In Jackson Township

At 7:35 PM on Friday, Several Fire & Ambulance companies dispatched to a vehicle into a tree on the Warner Road near the Middle Road in Jackson Township. Five injuries are being reported. Lawrenceville & Tioga are responding with ambulances.

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Article by Lonny Frost

On New Year's Day, Millerton fire crews and ambulances from other departments, including Lawrenceville were dispatched just after 7:30PM to a single motor vehicle accident in Jackson Township.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Middle Road and Warner Road in Millerton, PA.

Early reports from the crash scene indicated that a vehicle slid off the roadway and struck a tree. A motorist stated that there were five people injured.

Fire personnel arrived on scene around 7:44PM and confirmed that a vehicle struck a tree and there were 4 individuals outside the vehicle and 1 unresponsive person entrapped inside the vehicle.

FNN would learn that all 5 individuals in the vehicle were injured. Of those hurt, 3 were said to be family members and the other 2 were friends.

A family member told FNN that Rebbecca Bock, her husband, Jasen Bock and Jasen's brother were injured, along with two of their friends.

A medical helicopter was requested at the time of accident to transport Rebbecca Bock who was seriously injured in the crash. However, due to weather conditions two separate helicopters had to decline the request.

FNN was told that Jasen Bock, his brother and two friends were treated at Arnot Ogden Hospital. Jasen received a broken nose, bruised rib and a head laceration which required stitches. The other 3 men were said to have been released and only suffered bruises and will be sore for several days.

As for Rebbecca Bock, family told FNN that she underwent surgery and was put in a induced coma to help her body heal. Family did insist that doctors stated Rebbecca will be alright, as she needs time to heal at this point. Jasen Bock was released and is at his wife's side as she recovers. Family say that Rebbecca is recovering at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.

Jasen and Rebbecca Bock recently returned back to Tioga County, PA after living in Kansas. Jasen was raised in Tioga, Pa and Rebbecca is originally from Westfield, PA.

Bock family members have expressed their deepest thanks to the volunteer fire and rescue crews that helped their loved ones at the crash scene. Also they extended their heart felt gratitude to doctors and nurses at Robert Packer, as well as, thanking the public for all the prayers as Rebecca Bock recovers.

Please continue to keep those injured and recovering in your prayers.

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