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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bradford Police & School District Investigating Assault At School

The City of Bradford Police along with the Bradford Area School District Administration are investigating an assault that occurred earlier in the week. 

We have been working closely with the district administration and are confident that appropriate protocols are being followed to ensure the safety of all students and faculty. 

We are following social media posts and are aware of the allegations being made many of which are untrue. It is important that the public understand that many investigations are not made public due to local, state, and federal laws. 

This release is being made to advise the public that we are fully aware and quite comfortable there is not a risk to the students or faculty due to this isolated incident.

City of Bradford Police
18 mins ·
We would like to inform the public that the outcry is heard. However, we would like to remind people that this case involves juveniles and the laws governing them are far drastically different than those for adults. 

We must also remember that the victim in this case is highly affected by those who misrepresent the facts. The other students in the school are affected as well as this wrong information comes out and negative comments are posted. 

We fully support the legal process as those accused in this shall face all the same rights as given by the Constitution.

The officer was notified of an incident after school concluded and responded immediately. He took statements from the victim and also interviewed witnesses and suspects. From the onset the district attorney has been involved and consulted about the investigation. 

At this time, we want to dispel the rumors of a violent gang rape that many of you are referring to. THIS DID NOT ever take place and we are confident in that. We will continue to follow the laws and unfortunately releases as governed by juvenile law. We will not deviate and ask that the public for that understanding


Unknown said...

Rape is violent, why did you wait till school was out? These men , or I should say animals hurt and humiliated another person,they should be put on the sexual predators list, regardless of youthful offender status.. 10 days off school is nothing. I think they should pay all cost for the hospital and any help she will need getting thought this.
I also would hold the teacher and school responsible.

Anonymous said...

On the news tonight, it said there was NO rape!

Anonymous said...

Too much leeway is given to "juvenile" offenders. Do the crime then do the time regardless of age.

Anonymous said...

The funny part bout this is that the cops are saying IT DID NOT HAPPEN. Well it's not funny at all but it sounds like they are covering it up because they are suppose to have a cop there during school hours. They are trying to make it sound like they didn't miss anything that happened at that school. I know as a father of three girls I would be very upset and Pissed off about this. I hope that the kid or kids that did this get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Watch, or binge watch the last 3 episodes of American Crime on ABC and see how the school is handling a very similar (if it did happen) incident.

Anonymous said...

WHY are Pennsylvania's youths so violent? We have more juvenile inmates and juvenile lifers in the state of Pa than any other state in the USA. Statistically, 1 of 3 kids (nationally)will be arrested by the age of 23. For people of color, 1 of 3 will be arrested before graduating high school. How many of these arrests are for violent crimes with actual victims? Not sure of those stats altho, they're very important. Pack mentality is for animals not humans. Humans seem to be devolving instead of evolving. I volunteered for an adult literacy program and was stunned to learn that the majority of my students were actually high school grads. They couldn't read a newspaper yet, graduated from the Pa public school system? We home schooled for good reason. "Why Can't Johnny Read?"

Anonymous said...

Spare the rod an spoil the child! Then, one day, the child becomes a parent and the bar drops even more, an so on, an so on... FIGHT BACK! Take your children to Sunday School and Church on Sunday. That's what FAMILIES did in the good ol'days.

Tony said...

Just put some more liberal DUMBOCRATS in to run things...that'll help.The liberal way to punish a child is time dad would have give me time out all right...when I woke up I'd know exactly what I wasn't going to do ever again. So keep giving children time out and see where that gets them.Poor kids ,I feel sorry for them.When they have to be accountable for something ,it's to late

Anonymous said...

A lot of you idiots don't know one fact about the issue at hand.Noone does except the kids involved so if you are not one of them or the parents you should keep your stupid thoughts to yourselves because the facts are not released and there was never a rape allegation so why to go are you sure it's the kids that are ruined or the adults who raised them.sitting on there computers jumping to conclusion and typing there own allegations into social media but have no idea what even happened.grow up adults then maybe our children will follow suit. Unbelievable

Anonymous said...

AMEN n AMEN 11:59, totally agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Kids need discipline!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kids need to be taught right from wrong ( GANG RAPE) is wrong!! If they aren't held accountable next time it. Could be Your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has the story because our local news and police are working harder at trying to cover up the truth instead of just telling the public what exactly happened. By now, they have ALL the facts and if they were really concerned about rumors and false information, they would just report what they have. Don't trust the police and don't trust the news media. False information is what they're all about. Back in the day, this would already be old news and the public would know exactly what happened. Shame on the police and the media for withholding the true facts.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

@11:04 AM--Sorry you don't want to trust the media, but that is the reason you should trust the media. The media is not prepared to publish false information. We weren't there. If we were to publish rumor and anonymous information as truth, we would possibly be reporting incorrectly and face lawsuits as a result. It would also affect our credibility as a purveyor of local news. We would rather withhold news until it comes from a reliable official source than post unverified information as truth and be wrong. I'm sure police also want to make sure their information is reliable as well before releasing it. They too weren't there so they have to rely on others statements and evidence. School officers can't be everywhere at once in a school any more than PennDOT can plow all roads at the same time.