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Friday, January 22, 2016

Coudersport Firefighters Extinguish Chimney Fire & Fire InThe Wall

At 1436 this afternoon was dispatched to a chimney Fire at 683 SR 49 east - Eulalia Twp.

Upon arrival of chief 48, found that the proper address to be 704 Sr 49 and active chimney Fire and established command. 

Chief 48 entered and found that the owner had shut down the stove and the house was filling up with smoke and had active Fire around the stove pipe are where it entered the wall.

Chief 48 requested a full first Alarm for a working Fire at the address. First arriving Engine laid 5" supply line into the residence while Tanker 5 tied into the 5" and supplied the Engine, upon arrival of second Engine they prepared to lay supply line to a near by pond if needed.

Two Engines and Tanker, and support vehicles responded, upon arrival opened up the wall and extinguished Fire and contained it to the chimney area with overhaul operations.

Roulette dept 46 was placed on stand by at their station. Assisted at the scene by CVAA. 

The residence was insured, and approx. $1000 in damages to the residence caused by the fire but the residents had auxiliary heat and the owners were able to stay at the residence.

In all 5 pieces of apparatus, 24 personnel answered the alarm and returning to the station and placed all units back in service at 4:30pm


Anonymous said...

Please explain the difference between what a normal "first alarm" is and a first alarm for a "working fire". I head it on the scanner and it sounded the same as the first time it was dispatched?

Yoder said...

A working fire has been confirmed to be an actual fire by a department official with the possibility of actual flames showing. The initial call may have been someone who was panicked when calling 911 and thinks there may be a fire when it could possibly only be smoke in the structure. A working fire shows either actual flames or smoke that is different in color, velocity etc. Basically, It's the "Real Thing", get going guys/gals! Crew and equipment response "may" differ. Did I miss anything? English is my second language. Pennsylvania Dutch is my first.

Anonymous said...

That still doesn't explain the difference in the dispatch that I heard. They were the same. Only thing I heard different was that they said working fire the second time. They didn't ask for help from any other department. So with that being said. I will then ask why is the Fire Department not responding to it like it is a "Real Thing" from the beginning? So even if the caller panicked smoke does come from something burning, right? I would like to think that a different approach at this situation might want to be discussed by the Fire Department.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to my scanner for a few years and I always the thought the initial dispatch was first alarm? I mean it certainly isn't a unit specific dispatch it sounds a lot like the whole department. And by your definition your saying that when you hear "working fire that you need to get moving" and its the "real thing", shouldn't that be from the time the call goes out? So a Chimney Fire isn't a real deal until it turns into a working structure fire? I'm sure the residents of any fire district wouldn't be happy about calling 911 and having a fire department not take it seriously because its "smoke in a structure" only to have the first arriving Chief find out its a working fire and have no fire trucks responding.