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Saturday, January 2, 2016

DEP Contamination Investigation Updated & Ongoing

DEP Contamination Investigation Updated & Ongoing

December 22, 2015
By, Laurie Barr

Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) and JKLM Energy LLC updated the
public on their complex and costly investigation in Sweden Township, Potter
County during the Natural Gas Resource Center meeting held on Dec. 17
investigation surrounds the Reese Hollow 118 2HU gas well, aquifer, public and
private water wells and also surface water.

Incident Summary during JKLM presentation
This was only the fledgling company's second well, their target formation was the

Utica. Their dreams were suddenly dashed on Sept.18th when their mission
abruptly ended at 684'. The company switched their primary focus from trying to
retrieve wealth and riches from the depths below, to focusing on retrieving water
samples from the folks who opened their faucets and got "soap."

Photo Scott Blauvelt, Director of JKLM Regulatory Af airs and hydrogeologist explained what
happened. during a public meeting held in Coudersport on September 24th

The operator injected 21,540 gallons of water mixed with approximately 98 gallons
of a product known as F­485, a friction reducer and approximately 35 gallons of
Rock Oil, a petroleum based product used during an un­regulated technique JKLM
employed to retrieve a broken drill bit from an uncased well bore after a “major
Failure” at the Reese Hollow well.

The Results Were Disastrous

The costly and intensive hydro geologic investigation began in September and the
DEP and JKLM efforts continue. F­485, according to the Safety Data Sheets is
9.99­14.99 percent isopropanol, the majority of the ingredients are proprietary.
Meaning the complete composition (90%) of F­485 has not been made available to
the local water operators, private well owners the public or even JKLM.
​Read the entire article:

Wells don't heal themselves; they require plugging & re-plugging for the life of the planet.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

JKLM has paid large sums of money to people who will and are lobbying for them. They make it sound as though they are making a generous donation to various entities, while it's just a pay-off. Follow the money. Follow the players to where they meet in private. When these commissioners offer the Gunzburger building as a meeting place for someone else, so they receive rental fees? Or, is it just another excuse for them to have a meeting that doesn't put them in violation of the Sunshine Law? Think people - think!!!!!!