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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Galeton Dispatched To Structure Fire On Telescope Road

At 9:33 PM on Saturday, Galeton Fire Dept. has been dispatched to a structure fire, reported chimney, at 178 Telescope Road in Ulysses Township.

10:36--Command terminated, units returning. 

 FIRST News Now
30 mins ·
On Saturday evening, January 23, 2016, Wellsboro fire crews were put on stand-by around 9:53PM for Galeton Hose Company.

FNN was able to learn that Galeton fire crews had been dispatched to a chimney fire in Ulysses Township around 9:30PM. The fire was reported at a residence located on Telescope Road.

The fire was reported out by fire personnel from Galeton around 10:20PM. Galton fire units were back in quarters by 10:50PM.

FNN has no other informaton on this incident, however FNN extends thanks to readers from Galeton and to the operator of Potter-Tioga County Firewire for their assistance, as well.

As always a giant thanks to all the volunteer firefighters, First Responders and ambulance personnel, who brave all kinds weather to respond to the aid of others who need them.

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