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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Students Serve Communities on MLK Day

Penn State DuBois students who participated in the year's MLK Day of Service at Greater Allegheny are pictured, left to right: Front row: Cortney Hedlund, Chelsey Winters, Zach Wood, Julianne Inzana, Brooke Simcox, Tory Anderson, Stephen Carns. Back row: Jake Coalmer, Austin Miller, Greg Myers, Juliana Vokes, Amanda Butler, and Assistant Director of Student Affairs Marly Doty.
McKeesport, PA - A group of 12 Penn State DuBois students participated in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day tradition on Monday, choosing to take part in the MLK Day of Service, rather than taking the day off. They were part of a group nearly 100 students strong, from seven Penn State campuses including Behrend, Beaver, Shenango, DuBois, Greater Allegheny, Fayette, and New Kensington.

Each year, the community of one of the campuses is chosen for the MLK Day of Service, and students volunteer at various organizations in that community in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., and his dedication to serving others. This year, Penn State Greater Allegheny was the host campus, placing students at service sites around McKeesport and the surrounding communities. Sites included Braddock Day Care, McKeesport Little Theatre, Auberle, The Palms Assisted Living Home, Braddock Library, Braddock Free Store, White Oak Borough, and White Oak Park.

Penn State Greater Allegheny Instructor in History Jonathan White served as speaker for the kickoff of the event, inspiring the volunteers before they traveled to their service sites.

Penn State DuBois Assistant Director of Student Affairs Marly Doty, who accompanied the DuBois students as their facilitator, recalled, "The kickoff speaker for the event, Jonathan White, said it best. He said, 'It’s not about a day of service, but a lifestyle of service.' That stuck with me. These students aren’t just volunteering for the day but incorporating service as a part of their lives. They want to connect and change the world around them in a positive way."

This is the eighth year Penn State campuses have participated in the MLK Day of Service.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first observed in 1986. In 1994, congress designated the holiday as a national day of service, charging the Corporation for National and Community Service with leading this effort. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only national holiday designated as a national day of service.


Anonymous said...

There's one thing missing from that picture.

me said...

The "kick-off" speaker's name was Jonathon White. The photo speaks volumes. Next year, just take the day off.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious "me"....... what volumes does the photo speak of in your opinion? And why should they take the day off from service and helping others? Lead a bitter lonely life much?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a rats behind about being pc correct or about asking questions that deserve answers. Evidently 9:25 is perfectly happy living in a fantasy world and lashes out at those who don't agree with their mindset, well brace yourself cause I'm going to rock your boat a bit on your calm seas. A good many Americans are fed up with all the drama going on in our country and want to ask questions and make comments but are afraid of being labeled by liberals. It was a MLK thing so where are, were, the black faces? It's a simple question and by the way, I lead a rich, sweet, fulfilling life, free of pc chains.

Tiffany said...

Why is it that if some thing kind is done some ignorant being has to have some thing negative to say? These kids took time they were not obligated to give and did something selfless and positive. Spend more time in life looking at the good instead of searching for a complaint. Good job kids..!

Anonymous said...

Dang.. These students could have taken the day off but they decided on their own not to.. Don't need judgement on them. They want to change things stop lowering their self esteem.. Good job guys keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You 'kids' are doing a great thing, don't take these posts personally. keep up the good Karma.

Anonymous said...

The argument is SO much bigger than these kids doing something awesome. has nothing to do with them, they did a great thing , it's the rest of the story that needs addressed in this country

Anonymous said...

557, waa, waa, waa.booo hooo

Anonymous said...

Struck a nerve Friday, January 22, 2016 at 7:19:00 AM

So you're uncomfortable that a group of white students did a day of service for MLK day and you aren't happy because they didn't find a token black person for the picture. Hurts your lonely self when people help people regardless of color. You don't lead the life you say, you're bitter, jealous and lonely....... and we don't need Dr. Phil to figure that out. I hope that wasn't too PC for you.