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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Galeton Development Corporation hears report on Save Denton Hill Ski Area Meeting

by Henry Lush

The Galeton Development Corporation met today at the Brick House Deli in Galeton 15 members were present and President Joe Pagano presided
Various organizations gave their monthly reports.

Treasurer Paul Pritchard reported 29 businesses and individuals have joined so far in 2016.

Rob Pflug, borough council member, gave the borough report. He said a solution to the School St. retaining wall problem may be completed using state provided blocks. This would substantially lower the estimated costs. A new sign ordinance was approved and will be enforced.

Mike Plummer reported for the Borough Authority. Work continues on the Wetmore Run reservoir upgrade. State assistance has been requested.

Dr. Brenda Freeman , superintendent of the Galeton Area Schools, reported that the elementary classes will present a play on March 12 and the jr. sr. hi classes will present their play on April 15-16. The GHS students worked up a memorial project to honor the memory of long time school custodian, John Ruman who passed away on December 24, 2015. The art class replicated his fireman's badge and all students wore the badge all day for one school day. By doing this they raised over $800. This will be used to frame one of John's many excellent photos which will be hung in the school. Any funds left over will be given to the Goodyear Hose Co. John was a faithful firefighter for many years. The Galeton Moose Club with host a prime rib/chicken dinner Saturday 23 January. This will be a fund raiser for the 5th and 6th grade field trip. The Cole Brothers Circus was excellent and it was presented to a packed auditorium.

Linda Plummer gave a report on the "Save Denton Hill Ski Area" meeting last night. She said it was very well attended with good common sense questions asked by local area business people. She felt the presentation was very poorly presented. The state has ruled out any interim opening of the area. The ski area/park must be completely rebuilt. The outlook for that wonderful county asset is not very good.

Beth Lounsbury reported for the Galeton Library. The annual Hawk Easter candy sale is underway you may order at the library or through a board member. The library can also tell you how to order on line. "Grown up" coloring time is on Wednesdays at 2PM. It is a fun time. If your eyesight is not up to par the library has big print books and books on CD as well. The library is selling new sharp knives and cooking utensils, Stop in and purchase these RADA items.

Pastor Tom Shatto gave an update on Gale Pride. The mission of this excellent organization is to provide educational and recreational activities that strengthen and support Galeton children youth and families. Community partners include many community organizations and churches. The committee has been meeting since November 2014 and meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Presbyterian Church at 6PM. Major activities thus far include "Local Speakers of Achievement" at our school. Gale Pride sponsors school based drug-avoidance programs, 4H and scouting programs and has applied for state funds to support an after school program. Work is in progress to make the organization a non profit organization and additional grants for funds are all underway.

John Ziegler reported for the Rotary Club. He said the annual Christmas Party was held at the Pine Creek Inn and was set up by Phyliss Conable. Once again the club is conducting the 4 Way Test speaking contest. The club has committed $1,000. to the park committee to refurbish the park kiosk. Plans are well underway for the 2016 Woodsman's Show with many new events planned.

Andrew Lychalk reported for the chamber of Commerce. Christmas in a Small Town was very successful and well attended. 65 kids visited Santa at the Ox Yoke Inn. A new web site is being prepared. Thanks to the Redemption Baptist Church for doing all of the town Christmas lighting and the manger scene. Candace Sturdyvant is the new chair of the 4th of July parade.

Joe Pagano that ongoing plans are being made for the Collins Park upkeep and improvements. Joe commented that it is a shame to see the old B&O, B&S train station falling down. It is a historical property that soon will not be there.


Anonymous said...

I also was at the meeting at Denton Hill last night and disagree with Ms. Plummer's report. I thought the information was very well presented. I feel optimistic that a plan will be developed and executed that will meet the needs of both the locals and the tourists. It would appear the state is committed to bringing this state park back to life. Unfortunately, it will take several years but the outcome will be much better than trying to put bandaids on failing infrastructure. We all need to stay involved.

Anonymous said...

In several years the failing infrastructure will have FAILED! Too late fix things early.. Its a losing battle. Let a rich person buy it and build a nice house there.

Anonymous said...

You know they have been closed to long now. The repairs are mounting. I think at this point people are attempting to put to much effort toward this late. Your beating your drum to the tune on a dead cow.