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Friday, January 22, 2016

Think About It

I’m tired, I’m worn
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Life, if you haven’t noticed can really drain you. I’m not referring to the tired or worn out feelings from work, but rather the tired and worn out feelings from life itself. The emotional drain, the sometimes never-ending drama that goes on in and around your life, some of which you have no control over.

I’m one of those people that won’t ask for help. I know, you think well that’s just a man thing. Perhaps it is, but I take it further and have come to understand that it’s really a pride thing. I don’t like to admit that but deep inside I know it’s true. I suppose it comes from being told as a child that I could do anything, and that to ask for help was a sign of weakness. I also know that it was said to encourage, but instead it resulted in a stubbornness that works against me. Consequently, I can become tired and worn. Not because of what’s going on around me, but because I’m trying to handle it all by myself.

I have a habit of opening my mouth. How do I mean that? People ask me to do things and my mouth says “Sure I’d love to”, while my insides are screaming, “NO”. I’ve put myself in situations that I never should have gotten involved in. I’ve over extended myself and then wonder why I’m so tired and worn out. I’ve sacrificed myself for others at the expense of my family because I didn’t know how to say no. I’ve always prided myself on my loyalty, but have also come to understand that sometimes my “loyalty” is actually my stubbornness.

So what’s the point? The point is that we were not designed to be so worn and tired that we can’t function. When we get to that place it’s a clear sign that we trying to do it ourselves. Jesus said to come to him and he would give us rest, (Matthew 11:28). When I remember to do this, it saves me much anxiety and stress. My problem? I don’t always remember because my programmed nature overrides my wisdom. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Been there n done that Bernie, like you, I had 9 younger siblings that I had to help take care of, never dared to say no even when Id be so tired I could hardly motivate, I have learned (since I hit the 60) to say NO,wearing ourselves down mentally, emotionally, spirituall, n physically will bring on illnesses n let me tell ya, you are more important than saying, (sure I'll be right there to help you) get delivered from pride n allow yourself to enjoy yourself n your life!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I too get this and wonder why it always takes me so long to figure out all I needed to do is pray. I cause myself so much stress worrying and wondering how to straighten out something.

Wise ole boy said...

Think about it......most of us create our own drama. I'm tired because I work hard physically and mentally. For many of us it is difficult to say no, but helping others is also our job. Creating less drama allows more time for giving and rest.

Smokin' Joe said...

I've went my whole life successfully without praying and I'm probably more spiritual than most people. Does it really matter what your beliefs are as long as you are happy and healthy?

Anonymous said...

Smokin` Joe, How in the world did you go without praying in your "whole" life,
It doesn't matter what your beliefs are if your healthy n happy so I take it that's your belief, more power to you, I can't go one day without praying Smoking'Joe!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bernie. I also needed the read this and learn to ask for help and well as always giving.