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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Warren County Public Safety SCAM ALERT!!!

Local law enforcement has recieved over fifty (50) calls this morning in regards to an IRS scam in Warren County. DO NOT give out any of your personal information to ANYONE calling you stating they are from the IRS (or anyone else for that matter). If you have an issue with the IRS they will contact you via U.S. Mail, they will not call you at home with no prior notice.
- Rob Greene, District Attorney


Anonymous said...

I live in Roulette and I had the phone call from the IRS I just hung up. It came up from Joseph Hurst. I do NO business over the phone and give No information. I wanted to tell them to come and get me and put me in jail I needed a rest but I didn't

Anonymous said...

Received this call also from area code in the 300's from New York..t went to the answering machine and the voice was obviously just reading a script...they are just looking for you to pick up so they know they have a viable phone number. How annoying!!

Anonymous said...

I've received a phone call from them. Just told the guy that the person he was trying to contact wasn't home, but he could reach him easily by calling this number ***-****. I wonder how he liked calling the PSP barracks. lol