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Friday, February 5, 2016

Think About It

Coffee Anyone?
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

It's a rainy afternoon and I am sitting in a favorite place filled with books and great coffee. I can tell you that it is a peaceful day and one that I've looked forward to for a long time. Why is it that we often don't take the time to rest? Life is busy and we all, yes all, seem be on a dead run either towards or away from something.

In an age of cell phones, computers and wireless Internet, we can't get very far from the reach of someone. If you were watching me right now you would see me typing into my phone, which contains a word program. From this, I can later down load what I've written for further editing and review. Technology is wonderful, but it can be a curse at the same time. As I write this, a friend is sitting near by sending a text to someone, while another is at a wireless store checking out a phone with wireless broadband capabilities so that he can get his e-mail while on the road.

I grew up like many of the rest of you in an era that didn't have more than one or two channels on the television; the Internet, computers and cell phones were only sci-fi dreams. For some, even having a private phone line was a privilege experienced by only the lucky few. But one of the good things of those times was that it seemed to be easier to find time to sit and have that cup of coffee. Somehow we need to find ways to sit down and relax, because we don't do enough of it. And to be truthful, to not do so is to be in disobedience to the one who created us, for even He rested. Now I have had some lengthy discussions with friends who would seem to believe the opposite. They feel that to not be accessible to others is in some way disobedient to the expectations of God. 

Yet a careful study of the Scriptures reveal that Jesus often pulled away to be alone. And although it wasn’t for coffee, it was a necessary part of his spiritual and mental health. It was during these times that he was re-energized and developed intimacy with God the Father. We could learn a lot and probably lessen our stress levels if we would only follow his example and commands. It’s not about doing less; it’s about getting rest. Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I think I get a headache!