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Friday, February 12, 2016

Think About It

The “What” and “Why” Factors
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Have you ever considered the ““what”” and “why” factor? Simply defined, the “what” is the action; the “why” is the reason. In life we do a lot of “what” things. We go to work, we buy new cars and trucks, we go to college, we get married. It isn’t difficult to see the “what”, but do we ever look at the “why”? I’ve realized that we can do a lot of “what” and have no understanding of “why”. I’ve also realized that we’re often taught from a very early age “what” to do without ever having it explained “why”. Take church and God for example. Many have been taught that it’s right to go to church and to love God, but how many understand “why”?

A legalist is someone who adheres to the letter of the law. In Christian circles we’re taught to go to church, give money, pray, thank God, how to dress, how to live or not live and a host of other things. All of this is the “what” and in trying to live out the “what” we can easily become a legalist. I’ve been around people who knew “what” to do and had no problem telling others “what” they needed to do too. It would appear that if you did the “what”, and did it well enough, you were acceptable. Sadly, we can become so proficient in the doing the “what”, that we’ve forgotten “why” we ever started in the first place.

To help understand this there’s a song that has been sung in Christian churches that states, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow”. Facing tomorrow is the “what”. We all have to do that because tomorrow is coming. But “why” can we face it? The “why” is because He lives. It becomes my hope and assurance that enables me to walk through tomorrow.

As a Christian we can all go through life doing a lot of “what”. We can go to Church and do all of the right things yet miss the real meaning of “why”. If we don’t understand the “why”, the “what” means nothing. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

You sure you want this question answered? Absolutely sure?

Ok then... the real "why", at least for men, and the reason they do just about everything. SEX.

No, I'm not crazy. Everything a man does, he does to that end goal. Why does the young man want a cool car? To impress the girls. Why does the young man go to college? To make money to impress the girl with nice things so she'll marry him. Why does the man worship and live righteously? To please God and prove to a woman he can be her husband. Why does the man live at the pub in a drunken stupor? to pick up the easies at the bar. Why does the man work out at the gym and keep his body in great shape? to please the girl. The list goes on and on.