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Saturday, March 5, 2016

A drug addict will likely wind up in three places – rehab, jail or cemetery

(Editor’s note: What follows is a story – another installment of Danni’s Ripple Effect series – on how one local man started his drug use and eventually started to live drug-free. At his request, we changed his name for privacy reasons. It is not easy to speak out as someone addicted to drugs, but he wanted to share his story in the hopes of helping at least one person. Another stone thrown in the pond known as Danni’s Ripple Effect: Keep the Conversation Going.)


A drug addict will likely wind up in three places – rehab, jail or cemetery.

Alex George has been to rehab and jail. And it was his incarceration that saved his life. Sadly, that is not always the case with addicts. Seven of George’s friends lost their lives to drugs. Pennsylvania is near the top of the national statistics for drug overdose deaths, according to a report published last year by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

One of those who fell victim was Danielle Fitzsimmons, who died in October of a heroin overdose. Danni’s death and her family’s response was the inspiration for this series. Danni, who died while George was in jail, may be seen as his inspiration to kick his heroin habit.

“Every time I would lose somebody, I’d say it was my time to quit, but drugs have a strong hold on you.”

After years of being addicted to painkillers and heroin, George was sent to jail on a probation violation.

“Thank God. Jail saved my life.”

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Anonymous said...

Or all three.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of the schools should tell his story, and hope it helps even one young person from doing drugs. My God bless him, and help all who are on drugs and want to get off them.

Anonymous said...

This kind of behavior stems from poor parenting. When I was in school kids who didn't have guidance became addicted at a young age and their drug habits escalated. I knew Dani and the crowd she was always with and none of them had a drop of guidance and even some of the parents even used drugs and drank with their kids (good role models right). I agree drugs are a problems but I think that the problems starts long before the drugs enter their life.

Unknown said...

That's just plain foolish. Drug addicts and alcoholics come from the best of families, whether there is proper parenting or not. Just as there is a drug problem there sure a lot a of teen moms floating around Potter and Mckean counties and probably the rest of America. Is it the parents fault, maybe in some cases. In most I would so no. Most are hard working and try to set the best example possible for their kids. People do what they want, they give in to peer pressure. They let TV tell them whats the norm, they go with the flow. Regardless of what their parents taught them or lived the example of.

Anonymous said...

Alcoholism and drug addiction come from all types of families... It is not racist. I have one child that was straight A student and another one that was C&B student...raised them both the same. Talked to them about peer pressure and alcohol&drugs. One never did drugs or drank in HS and one that did. I myself never did drugs and only drank a little. You can talk till your blue in the face about everything to your children but ultimately it is their decision and their consequences. You as a parent can only hope and pray that the values and morals you instill in your children are enough for them to not give into peer pressure or their curiosity. But as a parent you should also be involved in your children's lives to know when something is not right with them...yes sometimes that is hard if they keep feelings to themselves to where you can not detect something is wrong...In the case of my child, but once I figured it out I was able to address it. Some people are very good at hiding their addictions, but signs that can stand out is their lying or doing things completely out of the norm for them. As soon as you realize they have an addiction get them the help they need immediately before it is to late and hopefully the to late does not come first. Ppl should never judge someone with an addiction... They do not know what that person has gone are not mind readers or live inside that person.(not talking about a pregnant no comment) No one is perfect and everyone sins and do things you are no suppose to.

Anonymous said...

Drugs are very rampant in small towns. There is literally nothing else for the young people to do there. The community should come together and create environments and things for the kids to do. There are hardly any jobs either. The community needs to stop catering to the elderly residence (since they are passing alone anyway) and start focusing on the youth of tomorrow.