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Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Easter Message From Rev. James C. Campbell

On Good Friday the world witnessed the death of God and experienced a darkness that eclipsed the sun and covered the entire earth. For there is always darkness without God.

The death of God results in the burial of Good, Beauty, Love, and Truth.

On Good Friday Good was buried on a hillside and a group of women watched and observed as Beauty was wrapped in burial cloths and laid to rest in a tomb.

They saw Love placed in a sepulcher and suffocated under the weight of perfumed spices.

As bystanders they looked on with horror and dismay as Truth was assigned "a grave among the wicked and a burial place with evil doers." (Is 53:9)

And they wept and mourned the loss of good, the loss of beauty, the loss of love, and the loss of truth.

For the death of God always results in the loss of good, beauty, love, and truth.

For Good became evil/sin (For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin so that we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Cor 5:21)),

Beauty became ugly (so marred was his appearance beyond that of mortals (Is 52:14). He had no majestic bearing to catch our eye, no beauty to draw us to him.(Is 53:2), he looked like a worm and no man (Ps 22).

Love became a spiritless body, just a physical material reality, lifeless and cold.

And as for Truth, dirt was thrown upon it, so that the pure, unadulterated waters that flowed from his pierced side were muddied and its clear and lucid appearance became murky, cloudy, and grey.

And so the women wept and mourned the loss of good, beauty, love and truth because the death of God always results in their loss and burial.

On Good Friday God himself was crucified, died, and was buried…a seal was placed on the sepulcher and a great stone was rolled before the entrance.

And just like those faithful women…we too watch and observe, weep and mourn as we witness the eclipse of God in our culture, the absence of God in our society, and the loss of God in our world.

We watch and observe, weep and mourn as the powers of the world call good evil and evil good. They call beauty ugly, and ugly beautiful. They celebrate false love and label the truth intolerant, narrow minded, bigoted and false.

But just like the women of the bible, we not only mourn we pray, we not only weep, we hope. We not only lament, we love.

These brave and fearless women…were not content to allow the truth to lie dead. When the entire world spoke of tolerance they were intolerant, for they could not tolerate Beauty’s sleep any longer and would not permit Good to be forgotten.

For Good, Beauty, Love, and Truth is not a passing fashion that can be buried and put to rest at the changing of the years and seasons like a hat and tie, or a coat…it isn’t something relative or subjective. It cannot be bought or sold as Judas fatally realized as he hung upon a tree.

Good, Beauty, Love, and Truth are real and objective, they can be perceived and known for Good, Beauty, Love, and Truth has a body, he has a face, he has a name, he is a person, and his name is Jesus Christ.

Easter is about restoring Good, awakening Beauty, reestablishing Love, reaffirming the Truth, and the resurrection of God from the dead.

Easter is not simply a celebration of past events but a challenge for today!

Like these Holy Women of old we pray that we too may be given the grace of courage and holy intolerance.

For in the face of false broadmindedness, where men parade around like cabbage with heads and no brains, when good is thought to be bad and right is considered to be wrong what the world needs most is intolerance.

May we never tolerate the death of God, the burial of good, the sleep of beauty, the loss of love, and the death of truth!

Rev. James C. Campbell
St. Eulalia Catholic Church
6 East Maple Street
Coudersport, PA 16915


Anonymous said...

I see nothing about the Easter bunny.... What gives ?

Anonymous said...

wonderful message to those with an open heart willing to receive.

Anonymous said...

It was refreshing to read an item here dealing with Easter, not egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. We've managed to turn Easter into another version of Christmas.

Joe Bob said...

What does it really matter what is posted about them? Both holidays were originally evolved from Pagan ceremonies from before christ even existed anyway. Why not celebrate the easter bunny?

Anonymous said...

These comments are ridiculous and Father James you need to hear from us in the silent majority who appreciate your messages and you. I am not a Catholic but I respect the faith and the faithful. May the joy and renewal of the Easter season be upon you as your pronounce the episiotomy for the people of God.

Anonymous said...

Love your insight. I thourghly enjoy every thing you have written on this sight. I hope you contiue to to share your perspective. I enjoy being enlightened on different topics.