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Friday, March 4, 2016


Elk State Forest·Friday, March 4, 2016

Forest Fire Wardens have been engaged in forest fire protection work in Pennsylvania for more than 100 years. The Commonwealth would like to thank all the wardens and volunteers for their service.

On Tuesday, March 15th and Wednesday, March16th, the Bureau of Forestry, Elk State Forest will hold annual Fire Warden Trainings. 

On Tuesday the Warden fire training will be held in Elk County at the Ridgway 2nd Ward Fire Station beginning at 6pm 

and on Wednesday the Warden fire training will be held in Cameron County at the Elk State Forest District Office on Sizerville Road, Emporium. 

The primary purpose of a Forest Fire Warden is to assist the Bureau of Forestry in the suppression and investigation of wildfires. Wardens may also be appointed to assist the Bureau in fire prevention, detection, and pre-suppression activities. Wardens are required to attend one training annually.

Please contact Greg Burkhouse at 814-486-2432 for more detailed information.
If you would like to contact the District Office call 814-486-3353. You can visit us online at

Also check us out on Facebook at

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