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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Galeton Development Corporation Hears About New Local Weekly Newspaper

by Henry Lush

The Galeton Development Corporation met today at the Northwest Savings Bank. 12 members and guests were present.

Dick Vargeson was welcomed as the guest speaker. He explained his new business, Valley/Mountain X-Press. This paper will be a weekly newspaper covering local news items of interest to the communities in the Valley and Galeton. All wished him well. Dick once lived here in Galeton and owned and operated a dairy. He was also a Rotarian and club president.

Andrew Lychalk gave the chamber report. The annual chamber dinner was held at the Plaza Cafe on 13 March. It was a very nice event and well attended. Representative Matt Baker and county commissioner Suzan Kefover gave and update report as did Nancy Stamilio for the chamber. Andrew reported the Lakeview Cinema has upgraded to digital and has spruced up the theater. Everyone was please that the cinema is back in business and it is an asset to the community. Andrew commented that the cinema is available for private events and parties.The planning for the 4th of July parade is well underway. Although there is a small turnout for the monthly meeting, it is a very active group promoting Galeton.

Beth Lounsbury gave the Galeton Public Library report. As usual the library is very busy and active. The fund raising prime rib dinner sponsored and held at the Galeton Moose Club on 19 March is already sold out. The Moose is very supportive of the library. The knitting group meets every two weeks and will sponsor the World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday June 18 from 10-12am. The library has obtained a grant from the Pennsylvania Council of The Arts which will bring a program to Galeton on Monday and Tuesday June 6 and 7 called Simple Gifts which is an award-winning folk/world music duo. They will provide a two day workshop and concerts. May 4, local author and board member, Rabbit Jensen will have a book signing at the library. She will also lead a geocache activity on Saturday, April 23rd from 11am to 2pm.

Mike Plummer gave the borough/authority report. There was not too much to report, although he expressed serious concern about the high unemployment rate in Potter Co. and the need to attract industry to Galeton that would provide good paying jobs in Galeton. We need more active and productive people in our town that would participate in making our town a better place in which to live and to support local businesses.There were comments about the need to have a borough clean up day to remove old appliances and general trash.

School board member, Rick Yonkin gave the Galeton School Report: Without a state budget schools across the state are in crises. Without local borrowing, our school and many others could not stay open. It is a sad situation for our state. Last week the elementary play was a huge success. Pi Day was celebrated on March 14. Mike and Linda Plummer donated their time to serve the student 45 pies during lunch and donated their pies as well.
This event will be held annually. Coleen and Phil Osgood donated fishing poles in memory of Vernon Osgood to 2 elementary students grades k- 6. A special drawing will be held to distribute the poles to help introduce the students to the art of angling. Last week four new members were inducted in to the National Honor Society. The students were Katelyn Monroe, Brett Knudson, Hunter Post and Joel Brelo. District is working with other agencies to create a state approved Hazard Plan.

Community Action Committee: April 6 at 12:30 a meeting will be held at the Galeton School for a presentation by a representative of AmeriCorps. All members are urged to attend this important meeting. Linda Plummer will plan on attending.

It was recommended that GDC change the day of our monthly meeting. The third Wednesday of each month was suggested. Everyone will be advised of the new meeting day when decided, on.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was Dick's paper! I thought they got grant for it..

Anonymous said...

It's a grant through the Westfield Historical Society. Too bad they're using grant money for that when there are several other news sources.

Anonymous said...

probably just another propaganda piece for them to spread their politics

Anonymous said...