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Friday, March 18, 2016

Potter County Commissioners Meeting For March 3, 2016


Anonymous said...

Motion to accept the report?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the commissioners can use their indignation and begin establishing distance learning with other commonwealth counties to reduce training costs. Do it through the Ed Council or in house; the infrastructure is there. There's no training shown in these minutes that can't be accommodated through video conferencing. It's used throughout government and industry and works great. It saves the taxpayers a lot of money, and the savings can be used for the programs you keep asking for more money and flexibility in funding.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the commissioners always vote yes,yes,yes. Never a no vote by any of them

Anonymous said...

The training is mostly mandated by the state. The state needs to come around and try new ways to save money. The commissioners can make their voices known, but their hands are tied. One of them needs to step up and try to make changes in how the state conducts business. They do it with other topics, and they should try with all the money spent training out of town.

Doctors do it, attorneys, other technical employees too. We seem to be about ten years behind in using technology for county personnel.

There's a Director at PCHS whose job it is to do strictly IT (computer) work, and he's paid well. It isn't too difficult to arrange videoconferencing, but the impetus has to be from Harrisburg. That's why the commissioners need to lead the way.