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Friday, March 18, 2016

Roulette Ambulance To Billy Lewis Road

At 1:49 AM on Friday, Coudersport Ambulance has been dispatched to Billy Lewis Road for a medical emergency.

2:09 AM--Roulette dispatched and responding to this call.


Anonymous said...

Sir why don't you ever post when roulette turns over a call you somehow seem to miss those ones every time however make it sound like a spectacular event when they take someone else's I just hope and pray they are passing out free asprin and tetanus shot for those stuck dealing with DK and riding in that thing they call an ambulance

Anonymous said...

Roulette doesn't seem to turn very many calls over at all. You're just ungrateful and probably sad because there isn't a recliner back there and it lacks a cup holder for your large fountain drink. You need to appreciate that somebody wants to voluntarily get out of bed at 2 am to come get your sorry ass..

Anonymous said...