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Friday, March 18, 2016

Think About It

Do You Have A Purpose?
by Pastor B.J. Knefley

Over the years I’ve encountered many who are wondering what the purpose of their life was. For many of these, all of their energy was spent in their work, hobbies, and families. But as retirement loomed, the family grew and the hobbies waned, the question of purpose, and what to do with the rest of their life was thought about and discussed. Sadly, many people don’t have a hope or vision which is beyond them. In other words, their focus is on temporal things, things that will pass due to retirement, death, separation, and distance. Sometimes we just can’t do what we want to do. As we grow older our abilities and stamina aren’t what they used to be. I used to run marathons. Running was a passion, but today, although I walk five miles a day, my running is really limited.

I am a man of faith. What does that mean? It means that I believe in God, and that we are on this earth for a purpose. Although there are purposes that relate to our physical life, there is also a purpose that relates to our spiritual life. When I refer to God I’m specifically speaking of Christianity and Jesus Christ. To define it further, I’m a Christ follower, not perfect, but a follower. This means that life is not about what I do on Sunday, but rather what I do each and everyday of my life. As a follower the Scriptures influence my thinking, behaviors and actions. As I said, I don’t do it perfectly, sometimes I battle my own nature and I make wrong choices. Like the Apostle Peter, just when I think I’m the strongest to resist my nature, I find out that I can quickly fail.

Ultimately I believe that we’re on this earth for a purpose. It’s greater than what we do in life; yet is related to everything we do. I don’t believe that when we die that it’s the end. There’s a spirit that lives on. Faith is about purpose. Some refer to it as believing in something greater than ourselves. I realize not everyone agrees with me, and I don’t agree with him or her either. But here’s the difference. The Scriptures command me to love them anyway because that’s what Jesus would do. It’s always about choice. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Thank You For This. Have A Great Day.

Anonymous said...

scripture commands people. yeah. i'm NOT christian. I am spiritual. but. on a more personal level, and less dogmatic. individual thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are not allowed under organized religions. You are supposed to find a branch of a religion that you agree with.. and from there, find out the rest of "your" beliefs from them.