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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thompson, Members of Congress From Pennsylvania Call Upon Governor Wolf to Release Federal Funds

Federal Agriculture Funds Tied Up, May Cost PA 1,100 Jobs and Billions in Economic Activity
Washington, DC – Today, on the 261st day of Pennsylvania’s state budget impasse, U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-5) and members of Congress from Pennsylvania called upon Gov. Wolf to release federally-appropriated funds that support the Commonwealth’s largest industry, agriculture. In particular, the funds are essential to operations of the Penn State Extension offices, which support agricultural services and education in all 67 counties.

In total, the federal funding amounts to nearly $80 million and includes support for agricultural grants. If the Governor vetoes the current budget proposal, layoffs could begin May 1st.

“Should the budget impasse continue, Pennsylvania will become the first state to sever a 100 year old agriculture partnership with the federal government, resulting in the loss of 1,100 jobs and more than $7.4 billion in economic output from the agriculture industry,” said Thompson, a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee.

“The Governor is a multimillionaire and has obviously lost touch with the hard working families across the commonwealth that rely upon these jobs and services provided to our communities. His political brinksmanship has placed families, jobs and our economy in jeopardy,” added Thompson.


Tony said...

IMPEACH that dumb sonofabitch. He actually makes Andrew Cuomo look like a good governor.What good can possibly come from this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is obvious that the millionaire demoncrat governor wolfe in sheeps clothing doesn't care about Pennsylvania at all. By holding up the agricultural funding, he is shutting down our number one product in PA, agriculture. Ok, so food is not taxable (yet) the labor involved IS ! Personal income tax, etc. He is as bad a obama, he is out to ruin PA, just because he thinks he can ... Someone needs to do something, no matter how drastic! Hold a recall vote , impeach or whatever ... Another spoiled cry baby who wants to take his ball and bat home if we don't play by his rules ...

Unknown said...

Martin Causer for governor

Anonymous said...

alright complainers pull out you wallet and stop asking the taxpayers to bail you out.Most of you pay little to nothing in state or federal and property tax

Anonymous said...

Quit trying to earmark stuff and pass a sensible budget! People need their paychecks.

There should be a law that lawmakers don't get paid if work doesn't get done. THEN maybe they would see that they need to do their job, and not try to get away with shady earmark pork barrel spending.