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Friday, April 8, 2016



Meeting called to order by Chairman Mitchell Gross at 4:00 PM


Minutes from previous meetings of 1 March 2016 REVIEWED

Motion made by Mitchell Gross, 2nd by Jeffery Moyer, to accept as read – Yea vote


Resident asked about employee health insurance - explained

Resident concerned about employee cutting back on hours - asked if cuts could be made in other areas - discussion was held

Resident asked if Ceres Township owned any property - explained

Resident questioned why only six loads of gravel on an eight mile road bond - explained

Resident asked about Engineering study done by the state when roads were turned back.

Frontier Communications contacted about large monthly payment – response was that we are considered commercial, and they can’t/won’t help us.


Picture was presented to public on Jander Run before and after.

Assessments appeals received - will be signed and sent back.

Auditor from Howell and Company was here in March.
I recommend sending Howell and Company a certified letter, no longer requiring their service, due to the fact they have not fulfilled their services. Also, to go out with another advertisement for a CPA to complete our audit. There is no deadline, penalties, or fines, but if we ever apply for DCED Grants, or other Grants, they can immediately say no. This was per conversation with Jenney 31 March from DCED’s Governor’s Center for Local Government Services

Representative from H.A. Thompson was here on 22 March 2016 for building and equipment inspection for insurance purposes, and changed replacement values on equipment for insurance 

Stantec Consulting Service – sent notice of slight change in location of proposed pipeline in Ceres Township Right Of Way (ROW). This item will be for next meeting after everyone goes through paperwork and letters that need filled out are ready for meeting.

Tetra-Tech – National Fuel Information covered

Resolution for secretary/treasurer to receive confidential tax information from Berkheimer. 

Motion made by Mitchell Gross to approve Resolution, seconded by Jeffery Moyer. Motion carried.

Building permits - 3 from James Austin - 2 for demolition and 1 for Agricultural shed addition. Code Enforcement to review on 07 April 2016, and then will be signed and sent to appropriate offices.

Special thanks to our secretary, Larry Miller, for everything he does for the township. Very professional and meticulous, and we don’t always say thanks, but for everything he does for us and the residents of Ceres Township, it is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Chad Austin for clearing tree on Barden Brook with a follow up call to Roadmaster.

Two supervisors received phone call on 31 March from County Commissioner, Cliff Lane, regarding road bonding (Ordinance) due to resident contacting him. Both supervisors explained to him the same that we explained to resident, and he was fine with that.

Awaiting word on thaw gauge, resident explained they found one on line for about $9,000.00, and stated we might want to budget for it.

Need to make a motion to open an escrow account for Mr. and Mrs. McMichaels with the following four authorized to sign - Mitchell Gross, Joseph Neal, Jeffery Moyer, and Larry Miller. Motion made by Mitchell Gross to open escrow account, seconded by Jeffery Moyer. Motion carried.

Revised road hauling permit was adopted.
Prior to any bonds being issued, the road to be bonded must not have any damage prior to any hauling. Only three bonds that we are aware of right now that will have to be resubmitted, are Kings Run, Jander Run, and Barden Brook. With these 3 roads upon closing bonds, there was no damage listed, so there will be no damage listed upon resubmission.

All bond checks need to be returned, with all forms listed as no damage, and signed by all three supervisors.

No roads will be bonded prior to 04 May. All bond paperwork is requested to be resubmitted 10 working days prior to townships scheduled 03 May meeting for review.

Video for road bonding is ok, but also want hand written notes of damage on the bond paperwork.

Secretary to make an appendix to township bonding paperwork to include a signature from the bondee that they have received Bonding Ordinance, and 2 part bonding paperwork, “completed” with all signatures from 3 Supervisors and bondee, prior to any hauling.

Had a resident threaten to plug sluice pipe on Whitetail Road. If problem escalates, Conservation District, State Police, and Solicitor will be notified.

Bondee was notified of a bond violation, and was sent the cost of bond fine. No word from bondee, except that he contacted a state representative. Bondee’s check was deposited 04 April, and once check clears, secretary will write check to bondee for remainder of bond check, minus amount owed to Ceres Township.

Also still awaiting word from Frontier and M.K. Contractors on line that was installed on Taylor Brook with damage to roadway not repaired in timely manner. Invoices were sent, but no response from either party. We please ask residents to notify Township if you see any right of way work being done, because in the end, if work is not done correctly, and needs fixed by Township, it will end up costing the residents.

All permits and paperwork will be signed at monthly meetings, provided they are submitted in a timely manner for the board of supervisors to properly review. If not submitted in a timely manner, then permits/paperwork could be delayed until following meeting.

Request has been sent to Ceres Township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) to notify township secretary when sewage matters are brought to the SEOs attention prior to permit being issued.

When our Ceres Township workers are busy taking care of our roadways, it is necessary for them to avoid all distractions. This is necessary for safety purposes, but also to finish the work in a timely manner. If you find it necessary to talk with them, please keep conversation to a minimum, as any slowdown costs all residents. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Another dump site was found on Barden Brook. State Police were called, and filled out a report, took pictures, and stated they would be in touch. Had a conversation with a Judge, and he stated when we clean it up, send him a detailed list of man hours, equipment cost (use), cost to dispose of trash, and he would add that to the fine when, and if, it leads to a conviction

Conversation with Northwest on possible loan for material was discussed at meeting, but may have to hold a special meeting prior to May meeting.

Partnership in demolition of Ron Houben Memorial Park restroom facilities - secretary has for action.

Brine permit was covered, secretary has for action to submit paperwork.

Discussion needs to be addressed, and available at next Township meeting as to what the plan is for Ram Forest to fix Lynch Hollow.

BILLS REVIEWED Motion by Mitchell Gross, 2nd by Jeffery Moyer, to pay bills – motion carried

The next regular monthly meeting will be 3 May 2016 at 4:00 PM. The meeting will be held at 12 Barbertown Road in Ceres Township.

Motion to adjourn by Mitchell Gross, 2nd by Jeffery Moyer, motion carried

Those Present:
Supervisors – 2 Mitchell Gross and Jeffery Moyer
Secretary/Treasurer – 1 Larry Miller
Residents – 6 Chere Carpenter, Bob Friedl, Jim Cummings, Walt Smith, Barbara Wildner, Greg Maxson


Anonymous said...

6 loads of gravel to repair 8 miles of bonded roads used for heavy hauling [timber] doesn't seem like a lot. How far does a load of gravel go??? Maybe the Bonding Supervisor can do the "loaves and fishes" thing.........

Anonymous said...

Move away, far far away

Anonymous said...

Ignorant people, so much easier to work together but instead you choose to just fling stones at the ones who have actually ran for office and are trying to get the roads in bettter condition, take care of paper work that is needed to keep grants, applications and funds coming in to have anything in Ceres township at all. Somrtimes I'll bet its a thankless job.

Thanks to all the people who work for the township...don't let one or two people discourage your hard work!

Anonymous said...

this is a township with to many bosses an no workers get of your butts an fix our pot holes its a no brainer either fill them in or grade them off an if you have to waste time in a meeting to figure that out your wasting our tax money .