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Saturday, April 9, 2016

George B. Stevenson Dam Dredging Project to Occur in 2016

Aerial photo of the George B. Stevenson Dam reservoir at Sinnemahoning State ParkPhoto credits to Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Grove Township - Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks has announced that sediment removal will occur in the northern end of the George B. Stevenson reservoir and around the boat launch area in 2016.

Dredging, combined with the stream alignment and shoreline stabilization projects also slated for 2016, will improve fish and wildlife habitat in the lake while decreasing sedimentation buildup. Additionally, removal of the sediment will provide park visitors with enhanced recreational opportunities to the upper reaches of the reservoir. The removed silt will be spread on reclaimed strip mines to improve forest fertility in Sproul State Forest.

The dredging process will require a temporary drawdown of the water level in the reservoir by about 10 feet to expose the areas of silt that need to be removed. Drawdown is scheduled to begin May 1, 2016. The drawdown will impact the northern reaches of the lake from Lushbaugh Run, down to the handicap accessible fishing platform. Maps of impacted areas will be posted throughout the park on designated bulletin boards and available at the Park Office and Wildlife Center.

Dredging is expected to begin late-spring to early-summer and continue throughout the winter season. Once the dredging operations begin the park road will also be closed from the Lake Day Use Area entrance to Goss Road due to slippery conditions caused by sediment removal. The areas of impact, including the boat launch, mooring, eagle watch, access road along west side of lake and parking areas will be closed to the public.

No boating will be permitted on the lake after drawdown. Pontoon boat and kayak programs, as well as the kayak and canoe loaner program will not be offered during this time.

The lower portion of the lake will remain open for fishing near the dam breast on the north side of the trash booms and Short Bend Run along the eastern lake shoreline. Current fish populations will not be affected; however, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will not stock trout in the lake in 2016. Fishing will not be permitted near the dredging operation.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. For more details or to be put on the Sinnemahoning State Park’s email list for current updates, please call the Park Office & Wildlife Center at 814-647-8401, or email


Anonymous said...

Another dam being dredged and improved for no apparent reason, imagine that. We all now know the real reasons behind all of these projects. Nuff Sed

Anonymous said...

Why don't you share the real reason 4:17 because I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

They are making channels for submarines.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would make a real recreation lake by backing it up after it is dredged . But the state will never do because of the PA wilds and there want nothing in the area attitude but bird watching ! Sad because it would bring millions into the economy yearly and lots of new jobs .

Anonymous said...


Nemo said...

Look at 'Walker Lake' in Nevada, its a submarine base. How can that be?

Unknown said...

If you haven't been to the lake recently it needs dredged. It is very silted in. What more do you want at the lake. It is a wilderness viewing area. They have a brand new world class viewing center/ building. You can see multiple species in the area deer, elk, black bear, eagles, turkeys, and s multitude of waterfowl and other animals. It has great camping, boating, fishing, and hiking/ biking trails. Why would you want to destroy such a beautiful place and turn it into a "real recreational lake"?

Peter Piper said...

I agree with Kirsten. I think the dredging is an awesome idea. The Stevenson park is great fishing and last time I put my boat on there we actually saw deer, raccoons, numerous waterfowl, and several eagle. It's a very nice, peaceful park. I would much rather see my tax dollars go there than into a dead end ski lodge.

Anonymous said...

So we're inconvenienced for a year big deal. Agreed the dam needs dredged. As far a recreational what isn't recreational? My wife and I spend many hours there in the summer. We take some food down and enjoy walking and fishing and just sitting watching nature. What isn't recreational about that?

Anonymous said...

This particular lake, due to its location and elevation, will not house submarines. It will be used to flood and maintain the subterranean tunnels used buy the subs to access other lakes and the ocean. Nuff Sed