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Friday, April 22, 2016

Milliard claims notification snafu, sentencing continued

By Katie Weidenboerner 
Courier Express 

RIDGWAY – A family who has awaited justice for nearly five years did not receive it Thursday afternoon in Elk County Court.

Francis Anthony Milliard, 58, Ridgway, was scheduled to be sentenced yesterday for the June 2011 beating of Todd Asti. All was proceeding as planned until Milliard rose to speak, saying, “First of all, I’m sorry about Todd Asti.”

A graying and frazzled Milliard, clad in an orange jumpsuit emblazoned with the words “Jefferson County Jail,” went on to say that earlier in the day he was pulled from his jail cell and told he was being taken to Ridgway. Milliard claims until then he had never been notified of Thursday’s sentencing.

“I would sure like to have my family and friends here,” Milliard told President Judge Richard Masson. Read more...


Anonymous said...

so an old me almost kills this kid for drug money.. I wonder how many kids were effected by this kid before he was almost beaten to death? Karma sucks sometimes... I feel a little compassion for the mother of the child but not much...

Anonymous said...

This POS knew he was going to be sentenced. He's playing the system. If he was related to me and did this crime I'd want noting to do with him. I doubt he has any friends and any he has I seriously doubt would want to be seen in the Courthouse. Get him behind bars and away from society NOW!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should just beat him the way he beat the kid and see how him and his family like that outcome. That's the problem with the system these days. They never pay for the crime they do.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:16 PM your a dick! No compassion for the mother or her dear husband that found his son many hours later. I'm glad you are perfect, you make me sick!

Anonymous said...

Tonu's a lunatic & so is his son. We rented from him ,the upstairs apt of a huge duplex. I was stunned to see my gas/heating bill was over $600 . (this was early 2000)& learned that I was paying to heat the entire building. After being there for about 2 months at 3am someone started pounding on our door and yelling, demanding to be let in or he'd "shoot me thru the door". I had 2 kids in there. I called 911 but the lady was condescending & rude and the cops took almost an hour to show up and the screaming guy finally left about 10 mins before cops showed up. I moved out after 4 months. Now, I realize this knocking lunatic was probably the son attempting to get into his fathers building- He must have been all jacked up on booze or drugs...These people are dangerous criminals who think the world's there for them to straight take- strong arm criminal thugs. Let justice be served for the kid's (who couldn't pay his drug bill) parents. Bet that scared him straight.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his liberal followers say dealing drugs is not a violent crime so just let him go and we won't have to spend money to take car of him in prison !